Magnets.Almost everyone heard of it before .But how does it work? Does it only attract iron?Is its properties only attracting ferromagnetic elements?If not what are its uses?Is it easy to make a magnet?If possible, how?

In this instructable i will be trying to answer a few of  theses questions as easy as possible.It is a beginners guide for magnets.I know there are many experts of magnets on these website, so if I make any mistakes then help me correct,cause I am not at least professional. And i hope it will be a helpful guide for you.If any ideas about it, feel free to post, and if you like it it will be my pleasure.

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And most important some of the pictures used in the instructable is made by me,and others are taken from other websites,and i fully give them credit for the beautiful pictures.

Step 1: Basics of magnets

Every magnets have many properties some discovered ,some yet undiscovered.But some common basic properties every magnet has and we see are:
1) Every magnet has two poles.The two ends of a magnet are its two poles and these are north and south.The magnetic fields of magnets are highest at its two poles, and if a magnet is broken into half or smaller or any size the ends of the new broken pieces are also the two poles. So if a magnet having two poles broken int two pieces then the newly produced magnets will have two poles each.
2)The opposite poles of two magnets attract each other.And the same poles of two magnets repel each other.
3)Magnetic force affect most of the substances,but the effect is more in some materials and less in some material.
4)Magnets attract ferromagnetic materials like iron,steel,cobalt,nickel etc.
5)If magnets are moved in between a coil of wire it produces electricity .

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