Magpul angled foregrip

99.999% credit the red book of west march
.001% headless knight for pat list

this is the magpul angled foregrip

part list
yellow 5
red 5
orange 2
lt grey 3
dark grey 11
tan clips 4

green 13
white 6
blue 5

hinges 1
y-cilps 2
rubber bands 1
JonnyBGood11 months ago
Very Nice! Are those your cigars? Or is that just for scale?
headlessknight (author)  JonnyBGood11 months ago
both i needed a prop and have a nic fit like crazy yes i smoke when i'm building with knexs btw did you my little pony equestria girls is on amazon
Ah I see.
Yeah. this is Red's, but these are pretty cool instructions.

Nice job. :P
headlessknight (author)  DarkOwlProductions12 months ago
thank you but maybe just maybe I'm getting better at make stuff like this and i gave credit where it's due
Ok. I'm sure that you are improving. Don't doubt it!
Is this exactly the same as Red's?
headlessknight (author)  sandroknexmaster12 months ago
yes yes it is i just made an instructions for it
Oh cool :)
headlessknight (author)  sandroknexmaster12 months ago
thank you i hope theredbookofwestmach likes it