99.999% credit the red book of west march
.001% headless knight for pat list

this is the magpul angled foregrip

part list
yellow 5
red 5
orange 2
lt grey 3
dark grey 11
tan clips 4

green 13
white 6
blue 5

hinges 1
y-cilps 2
rubber bands 1
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Very Nice! Are those your cigars? Or is that just for scale?
headlessknight (author)  JonnyBGood2 years ago
both i needed a prop and have a nic fit like crazy yes i smoke when i'm building with knexs btw did you my little pony equestria girls is on amazon
Ah I see.
Yeah. this is Red's, but these are pretty cool instructions.

Nice job. :P
thank you but maybe just maybe I'm getting better at make stuff like this and i gave credit where it's due
Ok. I'm sure that you are improving. Don't doubt it!
Is this exactly the same as Red's?
yes yes it is i just made an instructions for it
Oh cool :)
thank you i hope theredbookofwestmach likes it