i will show you how to make a 3d image without having to use those annoying blue and red glasses, theyre just annoying

look at this instructibull too pleese clicky here

images used are from Jim Gasperini website

Step 1: Whack Your Camera Out!

you will need to take two pictures from two slightly different angles
these will later be animated together.

Step 2: Upload!

load your pictures on to your computer

Step 3: Animating

for this step you will need a simple gif animator program,
load both your pictures into it and set the frame display time to zero.

Step 4: Save Your Image

save it as a gif file and show your mates!

you'll be dead cool

dont do one of a big toe though that would just be wrong.

vote for me to win! and ill give you a kiss, unless you dont want one then you can have a cookie.
its just a video :P
its a .gif image that is saved and used as a picture but it mives like a video
wow nice
Were do you get the program from?
if you wave your hand past your eyes realy fast and slightly difer the spead you can see 1 picture in each eye and make it like a shuter glases film
How could you do that without your hand?
&nbsp;like your waving very fast and it blocks one eye then the other and back again<br />
&nbsp;im trying to find a way to view it properly without lcd shutter glasses, waving your hand in time with the pic works but might be hard. a while back i&nbsp;encountered&nbsp;a program to make 3d video and this was a option so il try make something =D
Nice Idea!&nbsp;To get past the 256 Colors limit, you could use Flash instead<br />
I guess it's good<strong>...</strong><br/>
sweet shadow ops we gots the same speakers
cool desk! and tablet!
Thanks! The desk is frosted glass with a metal frame, and the tablet is the Wacom Bamboo Fun.
<strong>Here's a macro!</strong><br/>
I remember a while ago I tried to make my phone look 3D using a similar effect. As you can see I failed miserably, but as you've shown, it is indeed possible to make photos look 3D. Nice one
wow how did you do that with your phone, more than anything it looks like it is breathing lol
looks like a car with hydraulics :D
your phone looks like its jumping up and down on the one side.
cool what gif animator software did you use? Is it free?
cool idea!
it makes me dizzy and confused
My mushroom photo was actually a .gif avatar-like, but since it is displayed as a .jpg it is not working.
Your avatar does work when i put my cursor over the comments i have received from you.
So it does, I could see it in my &quot;personal page&quot;.<br/>Because of your Instructable I decided to show some of my wobble&Acirc;&acute;s on this page:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/27213139@N03/sets/72157605363450475/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/27213139@N03/sets/72157605363450475/</a><br/>Let me know what you think.<br/>
kool did you make it using my method?
well if the camera had the ability to take pics every 3 or so seconds, u could walk around slowly and make the pic look really 3d, or if u have patience, use a stand and move it, but make sure it's at the same level, like stop motion
you can also just take your two photos and look at them crosseyed and it will be 3d.
nice! Might want to do it a little slower
ive tried doing it slower but it just wont look as good.
it needs to be faster so that you can see both images at once
needs more frames
but having two frames gives the effect of one image for each eye if you had more frames it would just look like you were walking round it.
now could u put more that 2 pics together for greater efect
<hr/><br/>This instructable is in Violation of Copyright law.<br/><br/>the photo being used is implied to be the work of the author, and no source citation is given.<br/><br/>The photo/photos in question are the copyrighted work of Jim Gasperini<br/><br/>The piece is titled &quot;Old Stone Gate&quot;<br/><br/>The relavent site is <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.well.com/user/jimg/stereo/stereo_gate.html">here</a>. [warning, some nude photos on his page, all artistic, though]<br/><br/>The poster is clearly not Jim Gasperini, as he is using UK slang freely, and appears to make statements indicative of an age in the early teens.<br/><br/>This is NOT a valid contest entry.<br/><br/>&lt;sorry for the rant, but when it comes to photos, I'd hate to have mine used without even a citation&gt;<br/>
Good point well made.<br/><br/>This also throws into question <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/member/pooandwee/">pooandwee's</a> other Instructables. As this has shown his relaxed attitude towards plagorizing other peoples work.<br/><br/>It is unfortunate that it takes a comment stating his violation of someone else's copyright before he gives them credit.<br/><br/>He has definitely lost my vote.<br/>
soz pal
Nice effect!
thats awesome, what program did u use, is it free and where can i get it lol.
you could use any gif animation program, just search the net for gif animator and you will get loads of results
That is great, I really like the effect. I can't see traditional 3D because my left eye is all bugged out, but with this is worked amazing for me.
That is a strange and really neat affect! I like it! : )
Nice and simple and very effective. Looking forward to testing it out. Thanks
Great idea.
Wow, good job with this. +
Looks great! This works even better if you can alternately close you left and right eye in time with the image! (Just kidding - I don't want to be held responsible if someone sprains an eyelid... :-D

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