Make a 3d Looking Image





Introduction: Make a 3d Looking Image

i will show you how to make a 3d image without having to use those annoying blue and red glasses, theyre just annoying

look at this instructibull too pleese clicky here

images used are from Jim Gasperini website

Step 1: Whack Your Camera Out!

you will need to take two pictures from two slightly different angles
these will later be animated together.

Step 2: Upload!

load your pictures on to your computer

Step 3: Animating

for this step you will need a simple gif animator program,
load both your pictures into it and set the frame display time to zero.

Step 4: Save Your Image

save it as a gif file and show your mates!

you'll be dead cool

dont do one of a big toe though that would just be wrong.

vote for me to win! and ill give you a kiss, unless you dont want one then you can have a cookie.



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its just a video :P

its a .gif image that is saved and used as a picture but it mives like a video

wow nice

Were do you get the program from?

if you wave your hand past your eyes realy fast and slightly difer the spead you can see 1 picture in each eye and make it like a shuter glases film

How could you do that without your hand?

 like your waving very fast and it blocks one eye then the other and back again

 im trying to find a way to view it properly without lcd shutter glasses, waving your hand in time with the pic works but might be hard. a while back i encountered a program to make 3d video and this was a option so il try make something =D

Nice Idea! To get past the 256 Colors limit, you could use Flash instead

I guess it's good...