Make a 3d Shape Such As a Game


Introduction: Make a 3d Shape Such As a Game

About: I'm mohammad a civil engineer from IRAN, I know english a little, i love work with cnc laser and made my own plan for fun.

I'm a civil engineer. i know alittle english !

I've made a small example of an open roof. The original plan in Google sketchup got designed and i catched the shapes on a laser cutting machine with sheets of MDF. Assemble the parts got cut in the house and color them at outdoor.

Step 1:

this is the dwg file of my cuted shapes .



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    Very interesting! What do you plan to do with this?

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    i wanna to make a caffe table and use this shape under it's glass.


    I think that will look very nice. You should certainly share it here when you get it done. People will enjoy seeing that!

    this is my idea. if i make it then will share it in new project.