Make a E-bow Variant





Introduction: Make a E-bow Variant

Here I'm showing how to make a Ebow or some thing that works like that

After getting bored of searching over inter net i got this

thin making according to schematic it didn't worked(as some parts were no where to find)

so after experimenting with the circuit i come with this

though i need a cover/body for it.

Step 1: Things I Used

things i used
1) op amp LM386
2) 10 uF cap X 2 
3) 100uF cap
4) 220uF cap
5) .473 uF cap
6) 9V battery + battery plug(or clip or any thing to connect battery)
& 7) most important induction coils that are customized X2 (i obtained them from old CFLs inductances)

Step 2: Making It

it can be made according to the given schematics try to keep all objects closer to op amp chip

Step 3:

as for the coils it can be customized as 

(rest is same as in circuit diagram)



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    I m having a problem in finding the coils, I bought two inductors but they didn't work well. Any popular models for these coils from eBay for example ?

    The working DIY version I've seen uses 8 ohm and 50 ohm coils from tiny speakers, but I've been unable to find a 50 ohm anything lol, so builder may have custom made the 50 ohm. I've also read that builders hav had success with making a coil with a magnet and copper thread. The insides of old DC adapter plugs are a good source for the copper (useful for DIY guitar pickups)

    how can we add Harmonic mode to e-bow?

    Hi Alex. How many ohm in both transformer coils to you used ? 16 ohm ? , 13 ohm? or 8 ohm?

    Hey. I am working on this I just needed to know what are the alternatives that I can possibly use instead of the transformer coils. Like can i use an 8 ohm speaker as output and 50 ohm speaker as input after removing the rubber outer cover?

    Yea it might work, try and tell if it does

    I wonder if an electric guitar pick up could be used in reverse as an inductor...hmmmm! I have been searching for a circuit or ible for one of these for years! I can't wait to try this. My are a circuit!

    wich are the values for the coils?? i get one coil-transformer from a CFL and it have 13 ohms, this will be useful???
    sorry for my english, i'm from Mexico :D

    How well does it work?
    and where can i get transformers like those?