Make a HELLFIRE Hamburger





Introduction: Make a HELLFIRE Hamburger

how to make a delicious HELLFIRE HAMBURGERr

Step 1: Prepping the Fire

The idea is to use a small intense fire to grill the burger, I use a charcoal starterand place a grating on top. You could make one from a large can or a peice of smoke pipe etc. with perferations for venting. The charcoal starter has a grate in it to separate the charcoal , on top,from scrunched up newspapers in the bottom for starting the coals, though you could probably get away with just stacking the charcoal on top of the newspaper in a metal cylinde ror can with vent holes. Light up the newspapers to get the charcaols started. How much hell you want to give your burger and how many you'll be cooking is the amount of charcoal you'll need, at least close to 1/3 or more full. if you have access to a compressor/air hose you can speed start the coals with some air.

Step 2: Building the Burger

get a good piece of beef chuck if you want to grind your own for the best flavor... if you use the LOW FAT LEAN store bought burger it'll taste like a piece of dry shoe leather, so nows the time to add some fat for your HELLFIRE BURGER "The burger that's going to hell !!!!!"

Step 3: Grind and Chill

trim the chuck for a good balance of meat vs. fat, and grind, all I add is some salt to bring out the flavor, I suggest that you make one plain with a bit of salt first to enjoy the basic beef flavor and then if you wish, add seasonings, rubs etc. If you haven't started the fire or you want to prepare the burger first, chill the beef after grinding, grind only as much as you'll need, for top flavour, avoid freezing the chuck before or after grinding.

Step 4: Form It Up

using a 1 inch thick by 4 inch diameter burger ring, cookie cutter etc. , (you could could make you own) form up the burger , this bad boy weighed in at over 7 ounces......

Step 5: Give It HELL !!!

the coals should be ready and flaming, about 3/4 white , the draft of the fire should be fast and without any smoke , you'll know with experience if you used a charcoal starter before, but don't empty out the coals , place the grid on top of the starter, as in step one, and place your burger on top and let the HELLFIRE roar. Timing is critical, for your preference, generally 2/3 total time on the first side to sear it, flip it, and 1/3 total time on the other side. the total time dependes on the heat of the HELLFIRE and how you want your burger done, rare ,med , well etc. You should see the burger gassing out and the flames envelope it , this is why you want a good mix of fat content so you'll end up with a juicy burger despite the HELLFIRE heat. Oh by the way, if someone mentions about the health hazards of flame broiling meat, kindly show them the door :-)

Step 6: Let the Burger Set Up and Toast Your Buns

you should give the burger some time to rest after cooking , a few minutes, while you toast your buns, very quickly, they wont take long, also select your favorite chilled beverage to accompany the HELLFIRE BURGER how about some wicked ale ???

Step 7: Enjoy

now that youu've mastered the basics, and tasted what a real burger taste like, add your own seasonings, toppings etc. How bout a 1" thick t-bone ????



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    no i got it from a prodigy song which took it from the original song

    Wonderful when i tried this, i baked the buns myself. We once made burgers with storebought buns, but it wasn't up to my expectations. I also use a 1 to 2 ratio of porc to beef mixture with a egg and some hot mustard.(i know, that the purists say, only beef belongs in burgers. But the results told otherwise...) I broiled them on a weber (not on the starter chimney). To me, the beef to bread ratio has to be lower. But that's a personal preference of course. With the barbecue season around the corner, it's good to see such a instructable... (i still have my skis close at the moment, there is 10 ft of snow on my favourite closeby slopes...) keep on broiling Thomas


     yeah... store bought buns are pretty bad... I still use em though, because I'm lazy. =P

    OMFG that looks absolutely delicious!

    Fantastic! Gotta try this soon. I might make mine Triple Hellfire by adding some chopped Habanero and topping with pepper cheese. Dammit, now I'm hungry!

    Nice. That's the kind of advant-garde cooking I like to see--fast and loose, made from scratch, and probably better tasting than anything ever cooked on a George Foreman grill. This could be a gourmet dish in some chef's twisted mind.

    it's the grill that interests me, i once made one fueld by the gunk in the chimeny in my dad's chalet.