Picture of make a PAC LITE only smaller
Build this handy little torch that can be kept in spaces smaller than a matchbox and be left feeling all dandy. BEWARE this is not a project for the unpatient. it may look like a small project but in fact it will take longer to build than you think.

Step 1: Materials

You Need:
1) a small LED
2) 330 ohm resistor
3) battery clip (hard shell type)
4) hot glue
5) 9V battery
6) Black permanent marker

-Soldering equipment
-Drill and Drill piece (size of LED)
-Hot glue gun
-Flat head screwdriver
-Blu tack
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mrtools9 years ago
is it a 9v LED or any kind? is it imposoble to use a soft 9v snap or just harder
pinski19 years ago
You could look into buying some glow in the dark paint, I think Humbrol do it in small 22ml pots ? I was thinking of using 2 5mm super bright white LEDs, mmm bright ...
puffin_juice (author) 9 years ago
One cool thing I must add about the PAC LITE is the white plastic it uses which is in fact glow in the dark material. just thought i might add that.
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