Build this handy little torch that can be kept in spaces smaller than a matchbox and be left feeling all dandy. BEWARE this is not a project for the unpatient. it may look like a small project but in fact it will take longer to build than you think.
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Step 1: Materials

You Need:
1) a small LED
2) 330 ohm resistor
3) battery clip (hard shell type)
4) hot glue
5) 9V battery
6) Black permanent marker

-Soldering equipment
-Drill and Drill piece (size of LED)
-Hot glue gun
-Flat head screwdriver
-Blu tack

Step 2: Pry open battery clip

pry open and remove both wires including the metal tabs that held them

Step 3: Drill hole in the middle of the top half of the battery clip

Step 4: Solder the resistor to positive terminal of the battery clip like shown in the photo

Step 5: Solder on LED

Note: solder the positive lead of the LED to the resistor (the LED and resistor leads have to be cut off as short as possible to save space as there isnt much left in the battery clip) and bend the negative lead out in the direction of the opening where the wires used to go out of. DO NOT CUT THE NEGATIVE LEAD OFF.

Step 6: Test the circuit

Test the circuit by pushing the battery clip onto the 9V battery and pushing the negative lead of the LED onto the negative terminal of the battery.

You may also want to strengthen the negative lead of the LED so that the wire doesnt change shape when you push it, otherwise the switch will deform and stop working

Step 7: Close the battery clip if it works

If the LED glows when you tested the circuit you are ready for closing the batery clip. It might take some squeezing to get it all in the right place and snapped shut.

Note: the negative lead of the LED has to be threaded through the hole in the top half of the battery clip before closing it

Step 8: Make the blob button

Cut the wires extending out of the battery clip to about 7mm. Put a blob of hot glue on it. Once the hot glue has hardened colour it in with black vivid. Theres the dandy light finished
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pinski18 years ago
You could look into buying some glow in the dark paint, I think Humbrol do it in small 22ml pots ? I was thinking of using 2 5mm super bright white LEDs, mmm bright ...
puffin_juice (author) 8 years ago
One cool thing I must add about the PAC LITE is the white plastic it uses which is in fact glow in the dark material. just thought i might add that.
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