Step 9: Finished product

Picture of Finished product
Heres the finished light. smaller than the one you can buy. I think it would be possible to use two LED's to make it brighter, or use a larger LED (5mm). I believe the light should last about 8hrs or more. after all the LED only draws 20mA of current which will take a long time to drain the battery.

Im sure once you've made one you'll be feeling all dandy
Tomahawk922 years ago
I've been told that if you wire it in series it'll still only use 20ma but wiring them in parallel it'll use 60. but since you have 9v to play with it would be smarter to use 3 white leds with no resistor. most white leds are 3v.
LiporXT6 years ago
indeed a great beautiful project, compliments, has estimated it the maximum, I adores the minimalistic inventions, has realized instructable a much similar one to yours, that mine it is a portable usb charger a not torch, but the small torch is however much pretty one, very good!