Step 5: Final metal fabricating

In this step you will perform some small alterations to the pieces, starting with the file you may have noticed that it is made of two pieces. I have done this was because the file was made of tool steel witch has a high carbon content and is heat treated and i was not able to drill it so I made an insert of soft steel attached with a dovetail joint (which is basically what you see in a jig saw puzzle). The insert was bigger then by hammering it resulted in a tight fit. the notch in the file can be made with a dremel. Follow that with making the thumb nail slot this can be made with a cutting disk. The scissors are one of the hardest parts to make start with the drilling a 1/16 hole in the center of both pieces then counter sink the hole with a /8 bit on both sides, then use a 1/16 headed smooth nail cut it to an 1/8 longer then the two pieces of metal then hammer and file it resulting in a smooth rivet, and for the Phillips screwdriver start by cutting a cheap screwdriver with a dremmel then place the cutting wheel in a drill press and use it to cut a notch follow that with drilling two 1/16 holes which should be countersunk with a 1/8 bit . then make a brass insert inside the steel screwdriver then drill two holes in the insert then finish it with two rivets such as the scissors. For the knife and other sharp edges use a file or a belt sander to turn the flat edge to a sharpened edge. Some of the item are complex and can not be cut with the dremmel so they can be cut on the inside with a hacksaw and file. To connect all of the stationary brass pieces it best to use thredded rods along the bottom, to thread the rod use a die and simply screw it on like a nut, and as for the threaded holes, use a tap to thread the three holes often seen in the bottom of the brass peaces. For the ruler engrave the the brass piece with a scribe. Finally next to the scissors two 1/16 washers are required make them by drilling two holes then cut the exterior. Once you have the peaces you could harden the steel by heating them with a propane torch then wen heated place them in an open metal container filled with water to quickly cool the metal, making it harder but beware that this will slightly change the shape and size of the metal so do not directly heat the hinge point or the brass. When you have finished hardening the metal compare it to the paper guide and file them to the right size.
Final be carful wen working with tools and the torch and I will not be held responsible for any injures.
weasel9996 years ago
an easier way to get the metal pieces cut is plasmacam
but is anyone really gonna pay £5k for one just to do this project?