Picture of make a cartesian diving squid in a bottle
This is the EASIEST and one of the oldest science experiments out there, I chose to glam it up a bit for my toddler to play with, and to potentially learn how buoyancy works, so far it's just fun to make him dive and surface, and I have to admit, I've played with this as much, if not more than she has, my husband even wanted to make one so he could play with one too!

Step 1: Go to the fishing section

Picture of go to the fishing section
Get a fishing lure squid, bonus! Most of them glow in the dark, they are really easy to find!

Maddyb4051 month ago
Sounds cool. I might try it!
punknerd4 years ago
ynze4 years ago
Pretty! If you fill the bottle with 1/2 vegetable oil and the other half part water, you get a weird kind of "membrane", on which your octo will bump.

Lovely I'ble!

danica (author)  ynze4 years ago
I put sparkles in it and my daughter was over the moon, I'll have to try the oil, it sounds disgusting and awesome all at the same time!