Introduction: Make a Catapault in Class

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this instructable would teach you how to make your own scaled down model of a medieval weapon
this requires a3 paper,
a rubber band
loads of tape
and a skewer

Step 1: 1

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get your a3
fold it along the lines in the picture and tape so you get what is in the second picture
tape the black parts one round and the sides in the 4th pic
it should be hard enough not to bend
it requires a lot of elbow grease
make six

Step 2: The Body

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get one stick and half it
and stick it into another stick
do it 2 times
put another stick on like in the pic
tape securely
i mean like tape it like crap

Step 3: The Body

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now put another stick on the flat side at the end
this is where your rubberband goes
see picture

Step 4: The Arm

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make 2 holes on the side where it doesn't have a stick
make sure that it is as close to the middle but not penetrating the middle part which sticks up
how i did it was i used a screwdriver and make a pilot hole
then screwed a screw into the pilot hole to make it go through all the way
put a skewer through it

Step 5: The Arm

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now you tightly tape a paper stick to the skewer
make sure the arm is perpendicular to the base and "bridge"
if not then you may use padding later on
this is to ensure your projectile goes up

Step 6: Finishing

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take the looped runbber band and put it around the arm
tape it securely
bend the end of the arm up
pull down


squirrelnuts (author)2010-04-06

cool my teacher will hate it!

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