Make a Decorative Lights for 100$





Introduction: Make a Decorative Lights for 100$

This is my third work of 3d objects

I got a drawing of decorative lights for my study room and I made it for 100 dollars.

Pictures show the steps of my work.

I had a problem at the time led headlights Assembly because they had lowdiameter and short circuit was correct at the time of soldering and I took a lot of time.

Led headlights are hot during the clarify so you should use aluminum cooling parts

I got used a 5 Watt converter to turn on led headlights

I got the original plan design led lights up the light to the ceiling and spread a gentle light in the room and when we need to have more light, I design a strong12 Watt led lights to have more light in the bottom view of the decorative lights

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:



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Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing this!