Make a Fly Trap in 2 Simple Steps

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Introduction: Make a Fly Trap in 2 Simple Steps

this is a fly trap that the israel army use. vary very easy.

you will need:

every thing the a fly likes.

Step 1: Cut

cut the bottel in the middel.

Step 2: Turn

turn the bottel upside down and slow tipe it.
put the "thing that u choose inside the bottel.

wait for the fly too come in. when the fly is in that is it!
he cant get out.




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    Hello - can someone tell me what 'slow' tape is? and why is it needed? sorry if this is really basic! Thank you in advance but I'm desperate...the number of flies!!!!

    slowtape, cello tape, cellophane tape, cellophene tape..
    scotchtape (US), sellotape(UK).. whiskeytape(Irish).. winetape(France).. saketape(Japan)... slowtape(rest of the world)

    duct tape.. duck tape.. gorilla tape..
    hany.. honey.. hunny..

    it's all sounds the same..

    You forgot just plain "Tape"!

    I think, it is selotape. Simply you can stick sth to sth.

    I caught
    many using a small pickle jar, in which I put 1 inch of apple cider vinegar
    and a few drops of dish-washing liquid. But i tried this lately and works better for me

    I find the best bait for the common housefly (Musca domestica) is rotting meat or carrion, like a dead mouse. Sweet sugary things like honey, jam etc only tend to attract fruit flies and wasps.

    ahh yea, It is missing a small step. You must pierce the cap of the bottle a little. A small drill bit about the size of pea or just smaller would be good.

    this is a little confusing, if u turned the bottle top upside down and tape it closed, how does the fly get in? Did u cut a hole in the cap or something? Am I wrong or is there a step missing here?

    Thanks for the great idea..I was trying NOT to use poison!

    I have a question. What if you mix eveything for bees, wasp and flys. It will be like a bug ore gi. My idea is mix honey, oranges, milk and pheromone will it work? I will give it a try and get back to everyone. If i can get one of each imagine the possiblities.