Frustrated with the lack of Gamecube connectivity for the GameBoy Micro? This thread will show you how to restore that functionality. No modifications on the GameBoy Micro itself are necessary, only of the cable to link the Micro and the Gamecube. For this you will need:

1) An Official Nintendo Game Boy Micro Game Link Cable.
2) Any Gameboy Advance to Gamecube Link Cable. The directions below show how to use the following link cables:
- Official Nintendo Gamecube to Game Boy Advance Connector Cable
- Nyko CubeLink cable
- MadCatz SystemLink cable (For both GCN & GBA connectivity via the GBM)
3) Soldering skills

for the nyko cable go to step 3

Step 1: Official Nintendo Gamecube to Game Boy Advance Connector Cable Directions

First step is to cut the GameBoy Micro Link Cable next to the connector box, strip the shielding, and strip/tin the wires. Only the RED, BLUE, and ORANGE wires are necessary, along with the ground shield. You should be left with something like this:

Please note that I've only stripped the wires a tiny bit. You'll see why in the next step.
<p>I want to make one of these with a generic Micro link Cable I have, it has 4 wires in it colored Black, Red, White, and Green, and I have a standard GBA - GCN cable. What would be the soldering pattern for them? If anyone has any idea.</p>
<p>I made one of these, in 2015 no less! http://imgur.com/a/q2zZe</p>
<p>Really thanks dude22072, i built my own cable with your tutorial:</p><p>https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-3iwHTWhGFlQ/U50-dhLCc6I/AAAAAAAAAeo/cPXbYEPeks4/w640-h480-no/IMG_20140615_011313.jpg</p>
<p>Cool because I just picked up a gameboy micro for $15.99 at a used retailer and I have a game cube!</p>
This instructable is Awesome purely because it features a GameBoy Micro =P I have the silver one lol

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