this instuctable will show you how to make a decent gun out of a peg !
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Step 1: Equipment

we need a peg (well what else would you need to make a peg gun .Also it needs to be wooden)
rubber band
match or any thing to fire like a bb
pliers or a saw (I used pliers)

Step 2: Take the peg apart!

Picture of take the peg apart!
take the peg and it is a bit fiddely but you should be able to get it apart
sorry i dont hav a pic of it

Step 3: Sawing the peg in half!

now heres where you need to be careful
take one of the halfs and at the long end start sawing or cut through it with the pliers and ten snap it off like in the picture

Step 6: Loading the gun !

Picture of loading the gun !
now push the top half so it clicks then pull it back so the metal thing is in the bottom halfs squere thing i showed earlier
now lift up the top half and put in your progectile

Step 7: Safty !

this is the impotent part
do not fire at people or animals coz I made my little brother cry when i shot it at his cheek (that was his face for those naughty ones out there!