Introduction: Make a Hi Tech Picture Frame for Cheap

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this will show you how to make a very cheap picture frame that makes any small digital frame stand out

Step 1: First Get a Peace of Wood

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I got me a 4foot by 2foot 3/4 inch for about 7.50 at manards in the clearance section then i just sanded all the unsmoth spots and got a fine piece of wood for cheap and made 2 frames.

Step 2: Use Some Led Lights

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print big pic and drill holes every 2 in on the bord

Step 3:

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cut a hole for the digital picture frame then just stick the led lights in the board

Step 4: Last

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last i added some 2x4s with some carpet pating to keep from scraching the wall

o and some wall brackts to hang it


crampedyogapositions (author)2009-05-02

nice idea..i think that if you add some resistor chips and solder all of the led's in parallel you could make it flash patterns.

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