Introduction: Make a Kazoo for $0.00

in this 'ible i will make a kazoo out of household items. 

Step 1: Materials

#1 a toilet paper tube
#2 wax paper
#3 a rubber band
#4 scizzers
#5 2 hands
#6 a brain

Step 2: Phase 1

get a good sized piece of wax paper

Step 3: Shape

shape it to the tube with hands

Step 4: Rubber Band

using other hand  schretch rubber band on to tube

Step 5: Trim

using sizzers trim acsess wax paper

Step 6: Figure It Out

make a tube with your hand stik kazoo in one end, put maoth on other end, make hole in hand-pipe, use brain to think of a song .sing song into hand-pipe .

Step 7: Play!!

here is a vidio of me playing scales


seabananers made it! (author)2010-06-27

it's really cool but you have to buzz your lips like your playing a brass instrument

motleyjust made it! (author)motleyjust2013-05-25

The usual way to play a kazoo is to sing or hum into it.

motleyjust made it! (author)2013-05-25

Misleading introduction picture.
What he ends up with doesn't look anything like that.

conrad141 made it! (author)2010-12-13

please change your misleading first pic.

motleyjust made it! (author)motleyjust2011-09-26

I agree, but since it has been so long, apparently he doesn't intend to.

Kiteman made it! (author)2010-06-06

Any chance of uploading your video to YouTube or similar? I waited ages, and no-show.

darksword made it! (author)darksword2010-06-09

i'm sorry i haven't been on the computer in a while butt yes the vidio is called kazzo scales

darksword made it! (author)darksword2010-06-09

oops kazoo scales not kazzo scales

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