Make a Lego Rapid Fire Blow Gun





Introduction: Make a Lego Rapid Fire Blow Gun

This is a gun that I made that fires small lego pieces by blowing into it.
When I was building it I didn't know how well it would fire.
It has only one glitch:
the amo sometimes gets jamed and to fix the jam, you have to put your finger over the barel and blow to release them.
note: it won't fire with the barel plugged.

Step 1: Part One: the Barrel, Amo Chamber, and Amo

Just look at the 3 pics below to build it.
you'll need 25-26 of the amo(see the yellow box below).

Step 2: Part 2: the Loading Cap...

...and also how to attatch it.
Just look at the pic below to build it and attatch it.

Step 3: Part 3: the "G" Clamp and How to Attatch It

Look at the 2 pics below to build and attatch it.

Step 4: Part 4: the Safty Plug

Look at the 2 pics below to build and attatch it.

Step 5: How to Load It

Look at the pic below to load it.
4 other pics are for a closer look.



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    awesome 5 stars (no im not just being nice becuase of the other comments)

    I saw a better blowgun on YOUTUBE.

    Pathetic. I'm glad I chose K'Nex over Lego.

    dude how many bullet cylinders do i need????

    Ummm.. sorry but I can't understand the first pics. what is that on the 8x4? the yellow thing

    1 reply

    dude cant you tell are you blind its the amo chamber.