Step 3: Crochet the Pouf

To crochet the pouf you first crochet a spiral circle increasing stitches, then you crochet appx. 3 rounds straight, and then you crochet another spiral where you decrease stitches. I crochet simply using my fingers because I think it's too much hassle trying to find a crochet-needle in the right size. You would probably need 15-20mm crochet needle if you want to use a needle. It's important that you crochet very tight, because afterwards you will fill the pouf, and if the work isn't tight then gaps in the work will appear, and that is not pretty.

When you crochet, a loop to crochet into always has 2 chains, I crochet into only one of them and the one to the back, this is because I like the pattern this creates, you get a thin line of chains that run around the pouf. It's also possible to crochet into both chains, then you will end-up using a little more yarn.

Rnd1; make a loop, then chain 2, then 6sc into the 2nd loop from the hook, a bit tricky. This makes the first tiny round.
Rnd2: 2sc into all 6 loops: 12 sc
rnd 3-10; inc. 6 sc evenly spaced: 60 sc.
rnd 11-12 (or 13, 14 depending on how tall you want the pouf); work even in sc.
rnd 13-22; dec 6 sc evenly spaced; 6 sc.

depending on how much yarn you have or how big you want your pouf, you decide how big you make the spiral. My biggest pouf, the light-grey one had 60 sc at it's max. The smallest, the dark brown had 48sc at it's max.

<p>it looks really fun to make but do you think you can make a video, because it's kind of hard to fallow the instructions in pics. Thank you {:-)</p>
<p>Hi CardC,</p><p>Some more people have been asking me that, so perhaps it's time I do so :-) I recently found out that a knitted cord like this is called an i-cord that makes the technique more searchable, so I have managed to find a video on You-tube.</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/jcGj6tpqeJA" width="500"></iframe></p><p>Hope this helps! :-)</p>
I saw that video. This video really helps in knitting
Awesome project--they look so cozy! I'm a long-time knitter and crocheter but have never tried something on such a massive scale. This could be fun, if I can cultivate the patience for it!
yes, you will need a lot of yarn and a lot of patience :-) good luck, and please post some picture if you do it!
I have recently discovered this great post about a spool-knitter hacked onto a colombo drilling machine. http://zijmaakthet.blogspot.nl/2012/04/hoe-je-een-boormachine-kunt-leren.html <br> <br>If you could make that work then it potentially makes it awesomely simple to spool-knit. Have not tried this one yet myself. Why? you might wonder. Well because all those plastic spool knitting machines look like toys that will break very easily. Perhaps one day I will post some instructions about how to actually make a spool knitting (machine/robot) our of more durable materials; like metal
really nice. I looks like you a making an I-cord and them coiling it to make the pouf. I see what you mean by patience but I just might try this some day : )
yeah, it's really a &quot; monks job&quot; as we say around here, meaning it takes very long.
Beautiful - and it's easy to make a many version of that too (just pick a neutral or manly color). I love the look that the knitted yarn gives it. <br>A few additional ideas for this project: <br>- You could make your own crochet hook. Find a big enough twig or piece of wood from somewhere and carve it - doesn't have to be exact size. Crochet hook is quite easy to make. (And for anyone who needs ideas for what to make a loved one who likes to crochet... hooks are awesome) If you need step to step, http://www.wikihow.com/Carve-a-Crochet-Hook <br>- You could also use other materials instead of yarn. For instance old bed sheet or old t-shirts - first make a yarn out of them. Or even old jeans, if you have a pile of them. <br>For bed sheet, a long yarn with as few angles as possible, about 2/3 to 1 inch wide, 1,5-2,5 cm or even wider depending on how thin it is and how thick you want the yarn to be. Then just crochet. <br>For t-shirts, 1 inch yarn, then stretched is good but will give much thinner yarn - but that would look awesome if you make a braid of three strands of it, and then crochet with it, if it needs the extra bulky look... Or you could also make a no-crochet version of the pouf with the braided technique https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-braided-t-shirt-rug/ - a bit different look, but they'd look really good together. One with the mega-crochet technique, one with old bed sheet yarn, one with old t-shirts with either method.
wauw that's a lot of good ideas. If you would want to use t-shirt yarn, then one of my favorite instructions is this one http://knitting.about.com/od/yarn/ss/t-shirt-yarn.htm

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