Step 5: Finshed

Picture of Finshed
In this picture all of the connections are made except the transformer core is not grounded and one of the terminals broke of the transformer so I have to solder that back on, aside from that I just need a waveguide and I'll be done. My parents would freak out if they saw this so I've got to keep it secret and I'll have my uncle watch me play with it so they think I'm being "safe" with it :D my uncle is an engineer, so while they still cant seem to figure out I know what I'm doing they know my uncle dose. 

-=Thats not my video=-

If your wondering, the song is chop suey by system of a down.

rela4 years ago
So if you scale this up with sheilded protection you could use it as a excavator to do construction like what they use a breaker or rock drill to do.Break rocks in a more uniform manner with 100% accuracy and a done in like minutes.
deaks rela3 years ago
i think you need something like this to disaggregate rock: http://hackaday.com/2010/10/23/marx-generator-knocks-our-rocks-off/

looks breathtaking...
Jimmy Proton (author)  rela4 years ago
Probably not, it would just heat them up (given that they have moisture in them) and may possibly thermal them but I doubt you could make a vary efficient rock crusher out of this.
KritoPerf4 years ago
ayye boi josh, lets freakin make a wave guide at might house but make it like in the video but then add another opposite, n take like a metal salad bowl n drill a hole in the middle n super concentrate the waves, give my neighbors radiation lol
Jimmy Proton (author)  KritoPerf4 years ago
u mean like this?
Swartjean4 years ago
Good lord I got a fright when that cat walked past it in the end of the video.

Seems like a great project though! And very good instructable.
Jimmy Proton (author)  Swartjean4 years ago
Thanks, it's good to see a comment on this thats not about how dangerous it is! ...like I already don't know it's dangerous...