Picture of make a mini mag smaller
In this instructable I will show you how to make a mini mag flashlight smaller and brighter and even make it a headlamp. please vote for my instructable
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Step 1: Materials

You will need
mini mag flashlight
LED White bulb (I got mine at radio shack. Get the super bight white ones)
soldering iron with solder
copper wire
duck tape
watch battery (3 volts) (can be found at radio shack get a big one)

Instead of using a watch battery you can use 2 double A taped together with copper wire runing from one positive to one negative. (it is cheaper and it's a lot brighter) ( but it's bigger)

Step 2: Sodering iron

Picture of sodering iron
take some copper wire and solder it to one of the prongs on the LED make sure the wire is at least 4 inches long. Now do the same with the other prong.

Step 3: The casing

take apart the mag light you will need the reflector the head of the light and the plastic cover

Step 4: Putting it together

Picture of putting it together
put the LED in the reflecting mirror put it in the casing so the wires are coming out the back. turn the wires to the sides and duck tape the back shut.

Step 5: Battery

Picture of battery
take the battery and figure out which wires make it light. take one of the sides and tape it to the battery. Then take some duck tape and tape it to the light make sure you can still turn it on

Step 6: Final step

Picture of final step
Now make the wire on the battery so when you press down so it lights up Then cover it with duck tape.
Try it out