Picture of make a mini village or town in photoshop.
this instructible will show you how to give a photo of a town a handmade look.
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Step 1: First things first!

Picture of first things first!
of a town, city, football stadium, or anything you want to miniturise
i used this picture i found on the net!

i love the net.

Step 2: Quick mask!

Picture of quick mask!
enter quick mask mode by clicking on this symbol!
(the black rectangle with the white circle)

Step 3: Gradient

Picture of gradient
set up your gradient like this

Step 4: Apply a gradient

Picture of apply a gradient
aply a gradient over the part of the photo you want the focus point to be.
for me this was the central tower

Step 5: Quick mask

Picture of quick mask
exit quickmask mode and you should be left with a selection something like this..

Step 6: Blur

Picture of blur
apply a lens blur filter and use the default settings

you should get something like the second picture
if it dosent you may want to redo your gradient.

Step 7: Hue/ saturation

Picture of hue/ saturation
fiddle with the hue and saturation to make it look a little more handpainted

Step 8: And your done!

Picture of and your done!
isnt it suprising how little it looks!
isketch935 years ago
 Nice Instructable! ;D
And nice effect too! I tried to "minimize" two different shots of the city where I live, but I think the first one is the best:
Plastico Bologna.jpgPlastico Bologna 2.jpg
Clayton H.5 years ago
Heres Mine:

PocketSized7 years ago
In Step 1 you say:
"of a town, city, football stadium, or anything you want to miniturise
i used this picture i found on the net!

i love the net.'

Are you going to give credit to the person(s) who took this photograph? Or are you going to do what you did in your other Instructable, and use someone elses photo without giving credit and/or asking their permission?
Dude, Give him/her a break
Yeah leave him alone
pooandwee (author)  PocketSized7 years ago
maybe i did ask theyre permission.... dont be so quick to criticise
amakerguy6 years ago
Amazing! what version of photoshop do you have? I have CS3 ver 10.0
Project D6 years ago
Great instruct. It really gives a great jumping off point for making some awesome effects. I never would've thought of this, myself.
finfan76 years ago
If you notice the top of the tower is blurred even though it has a depth very close to that of the clock face. It should be clear. If you want it to look real you have to pay attention to actual depth of field.
cool effect
cool, i saw this on photojojo a while ago.
Also, this is faking a technique called "tilt shift."

For a few (thousand) more examples. Check out this Flickr pool:
Patrik7 years ago
If you want to be a little more elaborate, you can try select by hand the parts of the image are at roughly the same distance from the camera - that's essentially what this trick is based on: the fact that a "macro" image tends to have a very limited depth of focus. For example, the cars on the road to the left of the tower would be much farther away from the camera than the tower itself. So for the road, the focal plane - the part that should be sharpest - should be much closer towards the bottom of the image. But for a quick hack, just picking a horizontal rectangle already gives great results!
Exactly. For many shots, the horizontal band works well enough, but a little extra work with the masking will give a more believable effect.
darth2o7 years ago
Wow, that is a cool effect. +