with some googling I found this site
and they have a tutorial on how to make a gas mak out of paper , ect. well I thought it could use some work. so I went in my workshop and found things to use!

Step 1: The Design

I found this download, that is the design layout. I first made the eye covers out of plexy glass by cutting them into squares then sanding the edges.

Step 2: Side Cylinders

I used 3" pvc for thesejust cut the m to the size desired. for the middle I used a 2" pvc end cap and just drilled holes in it. then I made a plexy circle the size of the 3" pvc and drilled holes in them. on the other side of the cylinder another circle piece of plexy just with a large hole so the 1 1/2" pvc will fit and slide in then I just glued every thing together to make 1 piece.

Step 3: Put It Together

in order for the cylinders to fit on the middle piece you need to grind/ cut off some pieces (see picture. after you do that take out you hot glue gun and glue the 2 side piece to the middle piece

Step 4: Glue, Glue, and More Glue

for the face part I used an old plastic ball the kind you would find at wallmart in the tall racks in the toy section. then just cut to the design on the download. then I gleu the mouth hole to the middle piece of the pvc build.

Step 5: Finishing Up

I used large red rubber bands to hold the mask on my face. here is My end results. I will remake the face part and I will update!! now go join the umbrella corporation!!!
<p>i might try this for my Halloween coustume, i going to be &quot;mother war&quot; from my chemical romance's concept album the black parade.</p>
ummm it looks nice, jk at least u tried your best
I agree, no negativity... but unless this was made on the fly.... it could use alot of work... but don't give up!!!!!!!! because the sun will always shine tomorrow, and everyday is a brand new day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :')
I'm just wondering.. are you capable of cutting circles? I don't wanna be mean but.. seriously... remake this....
I put the mouth part in front of my paint ball mask (its not together, 2 pieces) but this would look cool on the "field" I think I'm going to pick up a airsoft mask for $10 and glue it to the mask. examples of mask below
hey i did that a while back though mine didn't look near as good as yours<br />
For 15 bucks you can get a FUNCTIONAL army surplus mask, and paint it black if it is not and you so desire. I have modded a few gas masks in my time, for...eh...smoking stuff.
If you weld wear a gas mask. Even if you have a huge fan you still inhale stuff that should never be inhaled.<br />
lol. ganja gas mask<br />
words of wisdom...... yeah.. er.. um ...smoking stuff!!
non-functional gas mask instructable + red overalls + me = tf2 pyro costume.<br/>
<p>ze pyros a spy</p>
I think your peice that attaches the to the face((the bright green piece)) could use improvement along with the instructions. All in all though,it was good. Well done <sup></sup><br/>
<em><strong> non functional gas mask??? Why?</strong></em><br/>
costume, have you seen the movie resident evil 1, umbrella corp. maybe I'll build the whole suite!!!!!!???!!!!
i got this one some time ago i think it's russian
or mabye youre a soldier and u want to show off youre mask
i use mine for airsoft XD
how did you follow how to make this thing... its no directions and confusing pics, lame
Oh i forgot its best to use a clean sponge or cotton swabs
To make it functional u need to get charcoal burn it or pee on it and crush some and gets some absorbent material.The order should be like this Absorbent material -> Charcoal-> Charcoal Dust or charcoal pebbles i preffer charcoal dust put it in that order in the canister.
you won't believe this but i just bought one like two days ago?!?!?! it was dated 1983 I think-hope i can keep it in good nick! Regards mask fans
So dose it have N95 or P100's on there? :)<br/><br/>*looks around to see if anyone got the UE reference* <br/>
we use N95s at work. whatsa p100?
Its the rating used for filter masks.<br/><br/>Pretty much the number stands for how much bad stuff it will take out of the air, and the letter stands for if it filters out petroleum or not.<br/><br/>a P100 will work with Petroleum and filters out about 100% and contaminants.<br/><br/>a N95 filter is a Non petroleum filter and takes out about 95% of contaminants.<br/><br/>The main thing that P100 filters are used for is when dealing with asbestos and things with oil. Like when urban exploring abandon buildings with lots on bad crap all over, see this link <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Urban-Exploration/">Urban-Exploration</a><br/>
This is SCREAMING Psycho Mantis costume
MGS is awesome!!!
I'm gonna take this concept and use it in my "Decendant of Psycho Mantis" costume.
post me a pic when/ if you finish
yea, I will if I ever get it done. I don't really have time right now though, what with summer school, martial arts, family outings, and MGS4(MGO).lol
mouth piece turen out great, and the use of a ball for the face is a great idea but i think it could be improved upon by making it actualy cover the whole face and maybey pull over youre head instead of having rubber bands to secure it
a ski mask could perhaps work, but it'd be kinda floppy..
that is totaly awsome i am go'in to make one right now!!!!!!
Making the face bit in leather and adding eyepieces would make this great... Lol any need for the toplessness?
It's for the sexy.
adding leather also effects the sexy
Yep, leather imporves the sexy... Also not being a dude may help... lol
I'm not so sure about that...
If that's the way you swing...
No. He just looks a bit feminine.
Time? You have the choice to read.
Sorry, I strted because he said it's for the sexy... That said leather would look alot cooler... And poossibly something like empty coffee cans or the like dry brushed for the worn black metal look.

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