Make a Non Functional Gas Mask





Introduction: Make a Non Functional Gas Mask

with some googling I found this site
and they have a tutorial on how to make a gas mak out of paper , ect. well I thought it could use some work. so I went in my workshop and found things to use!

Step 1: The Design

I found this download, that is the design layout. I first made the eye covers out of plexy glass by cutting them into squares then sanding the edges.

Step 2: Side Cylinders

I used 3" pvc for thesejust cut the m to the size desired. for the middle I used a 2" pvc end cap and just drilled holes in it. then I made a plexy circle the size of the 3" pvc and drilled holes in them. on the other side of the cylinder another circle piece of plexy just with a large hole so the 1 1/2" pvc will fit and slide in then I just glued every thing together to make 1 piece.

Step 3: Put It Together

in order for the cylinders to fit on the middle piece you need to grind/ cut off some pieces (see picture. after you do that take out you hot glue gun and glue the 2 side piece to the middle piece

Step 4: Glue, Glue, and More Glue

for the face part I used an old plastic ball the kind you would find at wallmart in the tall racks in the toy section. then just cut to the design on the download. then I gleu the mouth hole to the middle piece of the pvc build.

Step 5: Finishing Up

I used large red rubber bands to hold the mask on my face. here is My end results. I will remake the face part and I will update!! now go join the umbrella corporation!!!



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    i might try this for my Halloween coustume, i going to be "mother war" from my chemical romance's concept album the black parade.


    ummm it looks nice, jk at least u tried your best

    I agree, no negativity... but unless this was made on the fly.... it could use alot of work... but don't give up!!!!!!!! because the sun will always shine tomorrow, and everyday is a brand new day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :')

    I'm just wondering.. are you capable of cutting circles? I don't wanna be mean but.. seriously... remake this....

    I put the mouth part in front of my paint ball mask (its not together, 2 pieces) but this would look cool on the "field" I think I'm going to pick up a airsoft mask for $10 and glue it to the mask. examples of mask below

    DSCN4442.JPGDSCN4441.JPGairmask.JPG60390 Air Soft Mask.jpg

    hey i did that a while back though mine didn't look near as good as yours

    For 15 bucks you can get a FUNCTIONAL army surplus mask, and paint it black if it is not and you so desire. I have modded a few gas masks in my time, stuff.

    If you weld wear a gas mask. Even if you have a huge fan you still inhale stuff that should never be inhaled.

    words of wisdom...... yeah.. er.. um ...smoking stuff!!