Make a Paper Boomer





Introduction: Make a Paper Boomer

I will teach you how to use a single sheet of paper to make a BIG BOOM. All you need is one piece of paper.

Step 1: Step 1#

Fold the piece of paper hamburger style, but leave about a centimeter of space on the top side facing you.

Step 2: Step 2#

Fold it hamburger style again, have the side facing you folded.

Step 3: To Use

To use hold it like the pictures below and flick your wrist forward, you probably wont get it the first time but keep trying.



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    I wonder if it's due to my age, or a regionalism, or what... but where are you from? I've never heard of "fold hamburger style" until this moment.

    3 replies

    It's the American way of saying "fold the short sides together". If you fold the long sides together, it's hotdog style.


    Kiteman, I must admit it's a bit funny for you to be explaining this to me, as I recall you're a Brit (and I'm from the Midwestern US). That's why I asked where the author was from. Neither my wife nor I (both from Wisconsin) have ever heard of this. ;)

    maybe it's an iowa thing i don't know. i'm from iowa and we say it all the time

    I made one of those in 4th grade and I couldn't remember how and I've been wanting to know how for the last 12 or so years.