make a paper dart that cn stick in the cieling!!
dont ask about the picture, its pointless, and its my avatar pls comment!

Step 1: Step 1

first get a pice of lined paper, and fold and cut it like in the picture so that when you unfold it, its sqaure.

Step 2: Step 2

now, fold so there are creases like the picture.

Step 3: Step 9[no I Lied, Its 3]

now, push like in the picture so it looks like rocket fins, then staple at the bottom so they stay together. if you want, you can stick a pencil through the middle and actaully kill someone, but i wouldnt reckomend it.
How do trow it
How do trow it
The Master Chief is my hero!!! I love your pic!
Mine sucks:)
darn. get someone whos good at orgami to help you. unless you live in the arctic. if your there i cant help you.
like this?
No, I stabbed it withg a pencil. :/
i see.....
I'm in Ohio.
THIS isnt a paper dart <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>
this is way too easy
This has been done to death =/<br/>
yeah, but i figure its my duty to increase the chance of injury at school as much as possible, so if the teachers strike well be ready
put a heavy nail in it for a weight then hot glue a needle on the end ;)
Oh, my god. . . . UR A KILLAH!!! A KILLAH!!!
gee.....thanks. i dont think ive ever had such high praise! lol.....
How do you shoot this dart thing?
well, usaully i hold it by a fin and flip it, but you can throw it by holding the point to. Contrary to what i say above, i would recomend you put a pencil through, for wieght. it make s throwing a lot easyer/.
i think its cool next thing you might want to do is throw it at a bully's face :))
yeah, you could make a bunch of small ones and use them for self defence!

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