Picture of make a paper dart!!
make a paper dart that cn stick in the cieling!!
dont ask about the picture, its pointless, and its my avatar pls comment!

Step 1: Step 1

Picture of step 1
first get a pice of lined paper, and fold and cut it like in the picture so that when you unfold it, its sqaure.
bigred029 months ago
How do trow it
bigred029 months ago
How do trow it
Plo Koon3 years ago
Plo Koon3 years ago
The Master Chief is my hero!!! I love your pic!
Mine sucks:)
peanutthegreat (author)  thetrue-sake6 years ago
darn. get someone whos good at orgami to help you. unless you live in the arctic. if your there i cant help you.
like this?
No, I stabbed it withg a pencil. :/
peanutthegreat (author)  thetrue-sake6 years ago
i see.....
I'm in Ohio.
legoboy14 years ago
THIS isnt a paper dart

ubloke6 years ago
this is way too easy
Zetheros7 years ago
This has been done to death =/
peanutthegreat (author)  Zetheros7 years ago
yeah, but i figure its my duty to increase the chance of injury at school as much as possible, so if the teachers strike well be ready
put a heavy nail in it for a weight then hot glue a needle on the end ;)
Oh, my god. . . . UR A KILLAH!!! A KILLAH!!!
peanutthegreat (author)  thetrue-sake6 years ago
gee.....thanks. i dont think ive ever had such high praise! lol.....
mikotoy20057 years ago
How do you shoot this dart thing?
peanutthegreat (author)  mikotoy20057 years ago
well, usaully i hold it by a fin and flip it, but you can throw it by holding the point to. Contrary to what i say above, i would recomend you put a pencil through, for wieght. it make s throwing a lot easyer/.
i think its cool next thing you might want to do is throw it at a bully's face :))
peanutthegreat (author)  mikotoy20057 years ago
yeah, you could make a bunch of small ones and use them for self defence!