I have been very interested lately in homemade warfare. I have made lots of cool and powerful crossbows, but i felt like making something much smaller. It is small, powerful, and shoots pretty far. Not only does it look cool, but you can just slip it right into your pocket!

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is a very simple pocket gun. All you need is two clothespins, super glue(instant drying spray is optional), a file, some sandpaper, and a lot of free time!

The picture shows another view of my match gun. I took the springy thing off for this one.
You could cover the barrel in the match striking cardboard you find on the box of safety matches so it catches on fire as it launches but the wind might blow it out
Nice gun but quite hard to cock...
this looks like an ak74u
Excuse my nerdiness, but there isn't such thing as an Ak-74U it's actually called and AKS-74U :3.
when i made it, the spring is too tough to cock
Then get some weaker clothespins!
You know that match? Light it on fire then shoot. It's pretty damn awesome :D. Also, take a needle, stat it THROUGH a match, so it sticks out in the back and front. Then light the match on fire and shoot-results? A very hot needle with a burning match around it melting through Styrofoam.
Why not just bend it a little bit so it's easier to cock?
To bad it takes to much time or I would have made one. If you could make sum and sell them. That would be nice.
he could make casts of them and just buy the springs and mass produce them
it would realy look like an ak47 if u made a stalk and had a longer barrel;D
if you flip the body, you could put the trigger near the handle.
be more specific and show pics on what you did to help people know what to do over all 3.5-5 (due to vagueness)
Pretty bad instructions.
It kinda looks like an MP-40! Paint it black!
thats a good song<br />
If you put it in the other way round and fire it, will the friction cause it to set alight? =)<br/>
it'll light both the match and the gun on fire.
no it wont... unless you soaked the gun in turps or gasoline, cos' the match wont stay on the gun long enough to light the gun.
quite possible... though it may end up lighting it or at the very least making it very hot.
fair enough
i tried this it is really hard can somebody help me. i tried to make a tooth pick launcher and it didnt work so i am going to try this. and by the way i cant tell which video on youtube to watch i looked at a lot of hem and none of them have the same design u have somebody help
i cant get mine to shoot i get it to look like yours with out the handle or banana clip but when i push the spring down it completely ovoids the tooth pick i put in it it also dose not shoot matches, they cant make it out of the barrel. any one have some advise (besides "make the hole bigger" i have tried to make it bigger and it just gets worse)
I made a bunch and painted them camo. They don't take all that long to build. Plus the camo mine took about 40 minutes each. I am also selling them. Great instructable btw.
hey rockercjm if you are selling them i'll buy one of you but what country do you lie in.
Sorry i havent logged in in a REALLY long time. I sold all the ones i made to my friends and i don't have the time to make anymore.
Ummm., look at his license.. It says NON-COMMERCIAL! He could sue you...
Not really.
How do you do this with safety matches? Could you line the barrel with the striking surface? CT320
i don't have any matches but i do have toothpicks can they be used as ammo?
so if i can make the barrel smaller i can shoot toothpicks? P.S. if you know the answer, please reply
you can do it with the same size. it will just fit a little bit looser. if you have it too tight it won't fire smoothly
i don't know if i am watching the the right video how do i know??? please help
VERY GOOD TOOL PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ANYONE it is fun but please don't :D :-) P.S. i am making one of these
Cool!! im gona make this but im still a little confused. lol. but does anyone know where to get strike anywhere matches from?
wally world (walmart)
my sister calls it wally world too.
my grandma calls it Wally World lol
Small world.
I call it Wally World too sometimes @.@
canadian tire and yes i am canadian eh!
ummmm..., oh.., ah.....&gt;=|<br/>what do you say if you're <em>not</em> canadian...<br/>
Canadian? Sure you are *Pff*

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