Picture of make a solar rechargeable xbox 360 controller.
I recently made an instructable on how to make a solar rechargeable tv remote so that led to this, I figured why not recharge all my double A devices using the big ball of energy we call the sun? This is a perfect going green project and with its simplicity brings fun :) There are a two things I would like to say before we begin one; I am not responsible for any damage done to your controller or anything else and two, the batteries need to be rechargeable batteries, I used nimh batteries. It is also important to know the rating of your batteries, mine are 1.2 volts each, and since they are going to be running in series that means the charge rate needs to be 2.4 volts. This might differ for you depending on what batteries you use and the charge rate. 

also I would like to point out that the controller I used is one I modded, I whent full out when I modded this controller It has dual rapid fire, two 7 color leds with color selection, several white leds that turn on and off when the controller rumbles and a quick knife button. If you would like to see this controller in all its glory copy and paste this link in your browser and you will be directed to a youtube video of it in action. here is the link  
also I might be giving away this controller on my facebook page so if you would like follow this link to my facebook page and hit like, heres the link  . on my page me and my friend share our projects and interesting topics, so like it of you want. :) ok lets begin!
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