now that spring is coming, why not make yourself a new pretty dress to celbrate the return of sunshine!
and if you choose a flowery fabric like me add to the starting blooming all around.
sadly, although the weather is already quite nice (and almost warm enough to walk around in a short sleeved dress) the trees here are still mainly leafless and the grass and little flowers are just starting to grow. all the more reasons to sew this dress!

overall, this dress is not so difficult to sew for those with some sewing experience, and although there is some patternmaking involved don't let that keep you from sewing this dress, i tried to keep it to a minimum.

Step 1: What You Need

- fabric, cotton is best. it should not be stretchy. and for that nice spring touch use something flowery! you will need 2 m fabric 1,40 meters wide
the fabric i used was some vintage fabric that i had lying around that was a little to small so i had to use a scrap piece of white fabric for the inside parts, see later.
- a small piece (about 60 x 40 cm) of iron-on interfacing
- 3,5 cm wide elastic band, a bit longer than the circumference of your waist
- thread matching your fabric
- buttons, depending on the size you will need 3-6
- scissors, pins, tape measure
- iron
- big paper (old newspaper works fine and is free), pens and triangle
- sewing machine (of course!)
Serger is an American term. In the UK we call it overlocking.
<p>I love the print. Very fancy! :D</p>
It's really nice. Maybe I'll try one out.
I don't know the proper terms, but I call that machine a serger, and the stitch a serge stitch or serge hem.<br>The dress is very nice and I love the fabric!

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