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Hi guys, this is my first instructable and I hope ya'll like it.

It will take take a while for some of the steps, but others you'll zoom right through :D
All the denim is from old jeans and recycled into this beautiful personalized chair!
I tried to take a picture of all the steps, but I got excited about being so close to being finished I forgot to take pictures.

also, if you had the kind of help I had you may want to either lock yourself in an empty room, or lock the 'help' in another room.
I was leaning toward the second option, especially when one of the helpers almost ate a straight pin (don't worry, I caught her before she had a chance to pull it out of the chair cushion) along with all the 'help' trying to attack the scissors.

Oh, and sorry about the picture quality and lighting, I couldn't find my camera (which I found when inspecting the photos and by then it was too late to retake them >.>) so I used my cell.

darklotus1 month ago

Love the chair and your helpers! I, too have helpers - two dogs that think that anything laid out on the floor is for them to walk over or sit on, and a lovely, laid back big ginger tom who wants to be in the thick of everything. I dubbed him "The Annoying Orange" when I'm trying to do a project!

That's lovely, although you must make another one for yourself - that one is obviously a kitty hammock, not a chair for humans. I have a box full of old jeans waiting to be repurposed - maybe they'd make a nice quilted throw.

My home is also infested with 2 helper cats and one evil alien anthropologist in a cat suit, which makes it difficult to complete most projects.

ginger20037 (author)  CatTrampoline3 years ago
Luckily I have two chairs, the other just doesn't need to be fixed and I ran out of jeans xD
I bet they'd be cute as a throw, it's a great idea.

lmao I have three indoor cats that like to take over and get in the way xD