How to Make the Waterbomb Paper Airplane


Introduction: How to Make the Waterbomb Paper Airplane

This is my first instructable so tell me what i can do better.
This is a fast, and smooth flying plane. It is my own design so im not copying anyone.

Step 1: Things You Need

all you will need is one piece of paper.

Step 2: Triangle Fold

ok, now you need to fold one of the top corners. Next, unfold it and fold the other corner. When you unfold the paper, it should have an X of fold lines on the paper.

Step 3: Finishing the Base

Now we are going to finish what is called the "waterbomb base".
To do that, fold down the right corner, and pull it to the left. then pull the left corner, and pull it to the left.

Step 4: The Body

fold the left and right ends to the middle of the plane to form the body. Then fold that in half.

Step 5: The Wings

last but definetly not least, the wings!



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    I am going to try to fly it off of my RC car

    lol, I thought you meant that while it flew, it dropped waterballons, but go plane though.

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    Number one, it's a bad idea to post your email openly like that, to be harvested by robots or nutters. Number two, I have no idea why you posted it anyway. Oh, maybe I do, but I was referring to the email you can get to alert you to comments on your instructables (check your settings if you aren't getting them). Number three, if your video is so big, make it smaller - shrink the image size or edit out bits you don't need.

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    Looks nice.

    Constructive criticism:

    • Next time, use duller paper or an indirect flash to avoid washing out details (step 4's photo could be better)
    • Maybe add a YouTube video in the last step - some people learn things like knotting and paper-folding better through still images, but others need to see the images move.
    • The last step needs another photo, since you can't see exactly where the folds are for the wings.
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    Thanks for the advice, I tried to put a video on but I didn't know it had to be from youtube and I don't have an account. I will try for more pics too

    You could use Metacafe if you want, but I prefer YouTube because people don't post videos for the money. An account is free, and it's easy to post videos, then all you have to do is embed the url.

    If the video is posted on another website, then size isn't an issue here - just use the "video" button to embed it into your instructable.

    When I say "posted on another website", I mean like youtube or metacafe - upload it there, then use the "video" button to embed it here.

    For instance, the video in my latest Instructable is hosted on youtube.

    I can use the same url and the "video" button to embed the video here:

    (If you're reading this post via your email alert, you will see the code that was used to do that.)