I wanted to re-use an old aluminium-cd-rack. As we needed an wardrobe and a place for our shoes I decided to make that.
You need a saw to cut the cd-rack, screws and wood. No special skills or something complicated. :)

cutting the cd-rack. To make a straight and uniform cut you should mark lines on the rack, so you can cut it into equal pieces.
I had just small screws, so I needed three for every piece. Draw lines on the wood carefully, so that it looks nice and clear.
step 3
Now you can mount the whole thing on your wall. That´s it. Easy, isn´t it?
very useful thanx post more advance thanx
thank you. Do you mean I should post more advanced stuff, or that I should advance my posts?
I like it, Kate!
thank&acute;s a lot. :) <br>as it is my first instructable, I am really happy about that nice comment. :D

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