Have you ever wanted a 3D stick man? Well this is the instructable for you. I know my pictures suck...alot because I dont have a camera. This is my 1st instructable so im open for any suggestions and comments.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

*you need is a wire about the size of your bicep.you can buy art wire pre cut at any art store.Igot a bag of 100 for like $2.
*(optional)toothpicks for weapons.I like to use spear and sword shaped toothpicks.
I made a wire man for Christmas, you can check him out <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Mr-Clock-Face/" rel="nofollow">here</a>.
I know that a lot of you hate my pics its just I cant afford a camera and my picture mail doesnt work on my phone.
Get a cam, at least a webcam, you can make 1 of these crappy paint images PER INSTRUCTABLE! that's the "Vox Populi" #1 rule!
As the others say, this <em>needs</em> photos.<br/><br/>It could even benefit from a video of you making one - just your hands and the wire, maybe speeded up in the twisting parts.<br/>
good idea
Good idea, but you really need pictures. I'll give it a +1 once you get some pictures on here.
i'll put photos on as soon as i get a friggen camera!!!!!
that "finger" looks like a poop... GET A CAMERA!!
No real pics?
Copy my words I was just about to say, HOW DARE YOU!

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