Make an After Image Illusion





Introduction: Make an After Image Illusion

make your own after image optical illusion.

Step 1: Get a Pic

get your picture you can use almost
any picture
(im using the mona lisa)

Step 2: Open Paint

open pant and past pic. and make a white dot in the middle
then press ctrl i



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    is this supposed to be the illusion? Inverted colours?

    well i have windows 7 i did it on paint but it didn't work ??

    i'll finish his ible. stare at the dot for 30 seconds, then blinc repetitively at a blank peice of paper

    So.... hmmm... what´s the point??

    You don't need to put a white dot in the middle... You just have to have a certain point to focus on in the middle.