Introduction: Make an Art Bowl From Pet Bottle

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PET is Polyethylene Terephthalate, which is a thermoplastic polymer.
It can be re formed by heating. After heating process, it becomes more stiff, rigid, durable and glassy. It becomes even stronger and crystallized when perforated.
This re formed and perforated second life as a bowl is longer and the original bottle.
Object now has an artistic value other than serving as a container for almost any material (eggs, bread, nuts, pencils, soaps, small objects etc.), it can be used as an ideal fruit bowl as the air circulation prevents fruit decay.

Step 1: What You Need?

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Bottle, cutter or scissors, soldering iron, flame (I use a spirit burner which I made with a jar and cotton cord)

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

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cut the bottle. you will use the bottom but don't throw away the upper part. there are many ways to upcycle every shred. see the jewelry and accessory made from them at tertium non data

Step 3: Forming

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heat the edge over flame and try to give a nice form. but before forming your bowl, experiment several times with leftovers until you have the control over the flame. smaller flame is more controllable. after re-forming the edge, try to heat other parts to give a good form.

Step 4: Piercing

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pierce the bowl with the soldering iron. continue to pierce as long as your patience allows. I can do it 4 hours before I give up. this time, I decided to treat only the edge, but I could go all the way.

Step 5: Repeat

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repeat the steps until you upcycle all the bottles you have. use them at home, give them to your friends, teach someone to make, even sell them on etsy.


Tinkering815 (author)2016-06-22

First of all, I LOVE this. Second, I have a quick question. I'm working with 8-9 year old campers next week and want to try this build with them. Do you know if heating the PET bottle with a high-powered heatgun would work to melt the bottle similar to open flame? I appreciate your time, Mel.

nataly cristinag (author)2014-11-15

¡¡Me encanto... esta muy bueno.....tambien podria ser con un poco mas de color!!!

C Chittsawangdee (author)2013-07-31

I saw your beautiful bowl with some flowers attached to the top of the bowl, how did you do that?

shirleypuwills (author)2012-12-12

I think the creator of this recycled bowl is a beautiful person aside from his or her fantastic creation because they shared with strangers how they made it! Thank You!

WUVIE (author)2012-11-28

Oh, you've ruined me. You have absolutely ruined me. This is right up my alley, thank you!

ozy1970 (author)2012-07-18

good idea , nobody will se what's before. i like to work wiht empty plastic bottles I saw anhother proyect on internet, and i did my own version , I,m sending you a picture , bye

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mum (author)2009-01-11

I love this it is so cool....and I'm gonna have a go! I may us smaller bit to morp my plastic bottle beads mmmm now I thinking!

tcup (author)mum2009-01-15

Plastic bottle beads? Ohhh, I want to hear more!

gulguvenc (author)tcup2009-01-16

pet necklace

bellaluna1 (author)gulguvenc2011-02-05

What kind of dye do you use to achieve the beautiful colors of your jewelry!

macrumpton (author)gulguvenc2009-01-20

It's nice, but I don't think my pet would be interested.

branfrog (author)macrumpton2009-07-11

Your PET would very much be interested in being re-purposed into beautiful jewelry rather than ending up in a landfill...and you don't even have to feed or walk it!! Doggonnit. :D

tcup (author)gulguvenc2009-01-16

Your work is A-MA-ZING! You are very talented, or you have too much time on your hands-I think it's talent. I'm envious.

mum (author)gulguvenc2009-01-16

I have just looked at all your stuff! They are fab! I am gonna make some to use as tree hanging in my back garden ready for the summer! Love and Peace Cath

mum (author)tcup2009-01-16

I put them on here, but they are also at

finnifog (author)mum2009-01-23

You are an artist! Very inspiring Instructable - can't wait to finish work to go and try! I've also looked at your blogspot - beautiful work! I love the jellyfish! LOL and thanks for sharing this idea.

mum (author)tcup2009-01-16

I don't know if you have already seen them on this web-site but if not they are here and explained a little better maybe?

bellaluna1 (author)2011-02-05

What do you use to color the pet bottles?

iarkus (author)2010-04-11

loving your designs as well as your photos and am thinking of utilizing these for my own designs.

qq - why not use type 2 bottles and have you attempted do use them?

Silver Buttons (author)2010-03-07

How pretty! Does the plastic give off fumes as you heat it? I would do this near an open window. Anyway, I love the stuff in your Etsy shop. It makes me happy to see people recycling old junk into useful, fun items! Much better than letting them clutter up the environment.

heymissmurder13 (author)2010-02-09

would be a nice ashtray, lol

handprints (author)2009-10-02

I checked out your etsy site. how do you manage the small petals over the flame? Your photographs are beautiful. Would you sell by emailing a jpg of your photos? How much would you charge. The mirror under your petals and bowls...just beautiful.

gulguvenc (author)handprints2009-10-07

 thanks :) 
which photo you would liket to have? 

handprints (author)gulguvenc2009-10-08

 Hi!  I would like the one of the cthulhu bowl and all five photos of the 12 pet petals.  I just bought the 12 pet petals and now I have to go and "heart" your shop!!  I included my email address in the order.

Let me know!  thanks so much!


gulguvenc (author)handprints2009-10-08

 they are yours! 

handprints (author)handprints2009-10-08

 my goodness!! you have almost a thousand people who love your shop!!!

ellenstapelberg (author)2009-06-12

This is absolutely amazing! Thanks for the great ideas!

kmoy (author)2009-02-06

When do you introduce the dye? (if you want to have different colors in your bowel/jewelry)

susanrm (author)2009-01-22

What do you use in your spirit bottle?

gulguvenc (author)susanrm2009-01-23

I use alcohol

susanrm (author)gulguvenc2009-01-23

Just plain rubbing alcohol?

gulguvenc (author)susanrm2009-01-23

I don't know what you call it, but we call it spirit in Turkey, it is a cheaper blue or violet colored alcohol

crzyns (author)gulguvenc2009-01-24

I'd say it would just be methylated spirits.

forgoten (author)2009-01-22

is piercing just for looks or does it serve a purpose beside looks?

gulguvenc (author)forgoten2009-01-23

piercing gives strength to the structure. It becomes very tough when pierced. every hole has a thicker perimeter so this texture makes the bowl hard and unbreakable. it is better if you pierce the whole surface. and pierced bowl serves as a great fruit bowl as it lets the air, fruits last longer.

susanrm (author)2009-01-22

What do you use for fuel in your spirit bottle?

macrumpton (author)2009-01-20

This technique is really beautiful. It almost looks like some kind of strange textile or basket. If you made a custom head for your soldering iron with several points spread a few mm apart it would be a lot faster. You would still have to go in and fill in the spaces between the multi point holes, so it would still have that nice randomized quality.

mum (author)macrumpton2009-01-21

I had a go like this.... Hope you can work something out from that, not 2 brill on computer stuff! I spend to much time messing about with crafty stuff!

gulguvenc (author)macrumpton2009-01-21

yes I have been also thinking this. and custom heads with different shapes will result with different textures to play with.

mrsphillips (author)2009-01-18

These are beautiful! It makes me think of fairies.

gallimaufry (author)2009-01-17

I love your pieces - thanks for sharing the technique. I can see combining this with some lovely stitchery using the holes. Re fumes debate - embroiderers often use soldering irons to cut synthetic fabrics and plastics, and we are always being told to wear respirators if doing this for more than a few minutes at a time.

kitze (author)2009-01-16

Isnt this just really bad for your soldering iron?

icewolf (author)kitze2009-01-16

No, it isn't. You can easily remove the melted pieces of PET with anything that just won't burn. I use a screwdriver.

kitze (author)kitze2009-01-16

Would a candle actually be enough of a heat source?

gulguvenc (author)kitze2009-01-16

yes it is enough but candle flame may make black spots.

shanh (author)2009-01-15

Be very careful with the fumes ...this can be very toxic.

gulguvenc (author)shanh2009-01-15

no fume forms by this technique as you don't burn the plastic. it smells very nice.

I can't help but point out the self contradicting nature of that statement. No Fume... Smells If you can smell it then there are fumes, weather they have adverse effects is another story that should be told by an expert.

forgive me if I am wrong but fume has a negative meaning. "A gas or vapour/vapor that smells strongly or is dangerous to inhale. Fumes are solid particles formed by condensation from the gaseous state ..."

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