Make an Easy Prisme With a Pen .




Introduction: Make an Easy Prisme With a Pen .

today i will show you how to make a prisme with a pen.for this you will need a pen thats all.the image may not be clear because it is taken from a mobile phone.i learnt to make this when i was writing.the pen was held against the sun and suddenly i saw a bunch of colours on my hand.i understood that it became like a prisme.R 

Step 1:

okay this are the things you will need:
1)a pen body having flat edges

lets get started.

Step 2:

first put the pen against the shadow of any straight object.
putting it that way will keep it right opposite to the sun.

Step 3:

now take any small straight object and stand take the distance from the objects tip and shadows tip.divide it put the end of the pen on the bottom of the object and place the half distance of the shadow and object.

Step 4:

its done.if you want you may put a page beside it to look clearly at the colours.
i am argha halder from naogaon,bangladesh.i read at biam laboratory school at class 7.



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