tired of your old cursor?
here is a way to get rid of your old cursor without downloading new ones,
check out my taste.

Step 1: Downloading the Program

Follow this link to download just cursors

just cursors

please check out the cursor i made (it is zipped)

Step 2: Create a Cursor

Now that you have downloaded and installed Just Cursors,
you can create other .cur files (static cursors) or .ani files (animated cursors)
this tool is super easy, it took me about a minute to figure out everything.
And by the way, if you are making animated files, be sure to save before going into next frame.

Step 3: Set Up Your Cursor

Every computer should have a mouse setup, so open it up,

Step 4: Loading Your Cursors

When you have all of your cursors, browse for them


Now when you have your sweet collection, click apply, then ok.
im not sure but i think ok is like Apply+Exit(OK)=OK
i made the shoop da woop face<br />
very good! Great instructable! You can also turn icons into cursors.<br/>step 1. Get an icon from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.iconarchive.com">Somewhere</a><br/>step 2. Put it into the same folder as the just cursors program<br/>step 3. Click and drag the icon onto the JustCursors.exe.<br/>step 4. Save it<br/>
The program can't do curved lines. That sucks... (I am trying to make a tennis bell)
you should turn this into an instructables community where people can share some cursors that they made and make 'em available for download that would be sweet.
want me to start a forum
hell yes!!
ok then
how do u erase stuff on justcursors?
u click on the color seclection and click the background and go over strff with the pen hope i helped :)
That's one SWEET cursor
LOL i forgot! thanks for telling me, i was in a bit of a hurry so i forgot to spell check.
If you could edit the title of this instructable to the correct spelling ('cursor' - as you have used elsewhere) it would be easier to find when searching. Thanks!
PS - and "awesome" not "awsome"
all i have to do now is make a whole community
here, i uploaded mine, the one before was temporary because in forgot to zip the folder
you know Grungehead, I should.
always wanted to do this, awesome!
i have looking for a way to do this for a while thanks GOOD INSTUCTABLE

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