Make Bedroom Nightstand Drawer to Secure Firearms .


Introduction: Make Bedroom Nightstand Drawer to Secure Firearms .

About: 25 yrs in the car audio/alarm industry , just plain like messing with Hacking / Altering Stuff

First Off In order to get a firearm , My Wife said i had to make it safe too keep but easy to get at . last week i started a project to stain our nightstands since they were a light light brown , they came out a dark brown kinda nice matching bed linen and window things ( chick Stuff ) lol any way needed to make it accessible in a pinch , but not so for guests and kids that come over what i made was a nice comfortable resting place for Mr. Springfield clips and few accys .

Step 1: Adding Separator

had some 1/2 shelving form an old computer desk I disassembled and modified , and added in the separator plumbed and measured, screwed in some brackets i had , and after that my makita drill battery had died completely put on charger and bad cell :( so adding the next part was the spacers to keep the lid flush with top and door , by doing so i had to take the separator off to screw those in UGH I HATE DOING THINGS TWICE !!

Step 2: Back Cover

to enclose the back added the non removable top and adding a center brace for that and the lid , and the next day going to home depot picking up a 1/4 sheet of 1/2" MDF had to do the top over again GRRR having to find the holes from underneath and countersink the screws

Step 3: The Lid and Back Cover

and of course with my luck the drawer was not completely straight so had to use the miter slot guide to compensate the uneven edges . i had an 8 " piece of Piano hinge but i opted to use two smaller hinges maybe ill switch it out later ? who knows this was my first attempt using these hinges i didn't know they didn't sit flush , so had to cut a grove with a file just to make the screws sit flush and had to do the same for the inside of lid too , that was easier i used an OLFA razor knife for that task

Step 4: Get Hinged

lil strips of poster board was used to trim out the edge and leave some space for lid to open and close , do this on all edges when mitering the lid to fit nice with little gap , needed to add a tab of tape to open didn't want to end up chipping of a corner trying to open all the time . at first had the block spacer but was taking too much space and didn't look nice so on the front corner of lid i had these little 1" aluminum brackets i trimmed and installed , the lid opening was 81/2 X 8 7/8 depth is 5 3/8s

Step 5: Blacked Out

took the back lid off and spray painted the inside flat black , glued in some Mercedes Benz trunk liner with spray glue and added some magnetic contacts from a medicine cabinet they were kinda too strong for the lil door had to take it out , OK

Step 6: Magnetic !!

so magnetic sounded good i i had a bunch of 1/4" neodymium magnets from a toy my daughter used to have , the ones with colored plastic tubes and metal balls ,  i drilled 1/4" holes just deep enough for the magnets to sit flush on the lid and on the spacer (kept the tape tab still at this point just in case  !! worked good !

Step 7: Not Really a Step But Something I Did

i accidentally swiped my sanding block over the finish of the front of the drawer GRRRR , i busted out the stain and swiped a few coats done this point i covered with news paper to keep me from doing it again :) and I dripped a few drops over the top as well GRRR then had another thought "I just Cover the whole thing !!" and it looked better evenly coated .

Step 8: Fitting in ?

It Looked OK ? and didn't really sit well with me , I knew i had something somewhere opening boxes , pulling everything out... WALLA !!!! Perfect !! had some 1" foam four 9"X8"X1" pieces in boxes with some Corvette Bose Replacement speakers , i didn't want to pull out the carpet so i fitted them in glued together end to end with the spray glue trimmed out the outline of my Piece with my foam knife ( metal shipping strap and OLFA Blade and got to cutting !!

Step 9: Locked Out ! and Semi Done

OK ? how in the heck do i get in , without putting a handle or knob , magnet is holding great , almost tearing the tape tab !! off goes the back again !!!!! Now I'm thinking ! its 2 Am , my mind is going a mile a second ...................... OK I'm thinking like a car lock style system , so i start cutting so ABS plastic strips screwing them down thinking placement and throw , I mock up one on another piece of wood and it works !!  first time , now start trimming them down cleaning up edges adding in some washers to limit the movement of the push rod and have to cut a slot on the side of the drawer for a lever MORE DUST !!!! AHHHHH..... so i  Pull everything out have to vacuum it all wipe it down with some of the stain , Vids of the mechanism and Lever , the magnets give a good hold , you can hear it snap down , it does take some pressure to press down . OK Looks Good I Think I'm Done !!! , Now all i need to find is a vendor to buy some Formica Laminate to cover the screws , well both tops for more seamless look . and maybe add a cable through the back of the drawer attached to my bedpost Just in Case ! hmm

Step 10: ADDED Deterrents

added a drawer lift style lock  when you pull the drawer you have to lift a bit  made with  metal backstrap usually comes in the package when you buy a stereo , I have millions of em !  and a screw facing down , with it angled it allows the screw to slide back easy and have to lift about 16th of an inch up to open ...... another is a turn slide lock  in the back of the cabinet completely out of sight  just some backstrap some 10mm nuts and 3"  6mm allthread  when the drawer is closed  you turn the slide down (LOCKED) turn up  is (UNLOCKED   and another  is a  door hinge pin  3" X 1/4 "   hole drilled from the outside  into the drawer and its dark brown too matching the stain on the drawer, push the drawer in  push in the pin  locked  even if you were looking at it you couldn't tell  even my wife couldnt see in daylight   on the bench looking straight at it , and its on the side four inches from the side of bed and in a dark room , no one will ever notice !   So you are Thinking ? now you know ...  Well Good Luck with that !! lol



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    wow nice in case you need to protect yourself you know this i might add