Picture of make Bedroom Nightstand Drawer to secure firearms .
First Off In order to get a firearm , My Wife said i had to make it safe too keep but easy to get at . last week i started a project to stain our nightstands since they were a light light brown , they came out a dark brown kinda nice matching bed linen and window things ( chick Stuff ) lol any way needed to make it accessible in a pinch , but not so for guests and kids that come over what i made was a nice comfortable resting place for Mr. Springfield clips and few accys .

Step 1: Adding separator

Picture of adding separator

had some 1/2 shelving form an old computer desk I disassembled and modified , and added in the separator plumbed and measured, screwed in some brackets i had , and after that my makita drill battery had died completely put on charger and bad cell :( so adding the next part was the spacers to keep the lid flush with top and door , by doing so i had to take the separator off to screw those in UGH I HATE DOING THINGS TWICE !!
tinker2343 years ago
wow nice in case you need to protect yourself you know this i might add http://madmodder.net/index.php?topic=4770.0