In this Instructable I'm going to show how to make cutlery for a leatherman surge.
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Step 1: What you will need

You will need:
- stainless steel cutlery (I recommend old cutlery because new cutlery is way to expensive)
- sandpaper (dont know what grit but its one fine grit and one rough grit)
- grinding wheel
- work gloves
- safety goggles
- paper
- fineliner
- glue
- Scissors
- handsaw (for metal)
- waterproof marker

for your own safety
were the work gloves and safety goggles
while working with a grinding wheel

Step 5: More grinding

For this part you have to use the finer side of the grindingwheel.
Try to follow the outline of your copy exactly.
When you are done with grinding the outline you try to fit it in your leatherman.
Keep grinding small bits off until your cutlery fits in nicely.

Step 6: Sanding and more sanding

Picture of sanding and more sanding
In this step its all about the detail, because were going to sand most of the scratches away.
You can use all sorts of grits. Start with a low grit for the deep scratches and then
work your way up to higher grits to get a nice smooth finish.

when using
high grits it's
advised to make
your project wet.