Make Delicate Lily Teaspoons Using Crude Implements


Introduction: Make Delicate Lily Teaspoons Using Crude Implements

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I made these beautiful little bronze lily teaspoons using crude methods and implements.

Step 1:

I use basic tools like a 4lbs hammer.

Step 2:

Gas for torch is oxy acetylene and I use low fuming bronze brazing rods.

Step 3:

The step by step instructions are explained in this video

Step 4:



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    looks beautiful, but I can't play the video. Is it possible you give an written instructable. Were I live it is hard to watch a video, slow internet.

    This is a cool project. Thanks for sharing!

    Did you try embedding the video? There's a little "play" button at the top of the editor where you can embed the video so people can view it in the Instructable.