i love california rolls, but they cost a lot at my local market, so i decided i would make my own. this entailed a few trips to local asian markets. this was slightly awkward since i am not asian and don't speak any language but english, but was worth it for the end product.

Step 1: get all the ingredients!

in order to make maki sushi rolls, you need:
short grain rice (calrose)
rice vinegar
nori (toasted seaweed)
some sort of filling, i used crab and avocado.

a makisu, or woven bamboo mat is extremely helpful for rolling the sushi, but is not *entirely* necessary. i have used a sheet of stiff plastic before with good results.
Heathen! Everyone knows the California Roll is not sashimi!
The instructable is for Sushi which is the vinegared rice, regardless of topping or filling. Sashimi is raw fish and may top sushi. While the California roll is not Traditional Sushi, it does qualify as it is rice flavored with vinegar and other spices. My neighbor used to make "loose sushi" as it was eaten so quickly at her house. (Lucky me, a Japanese neighbor which childen who needed baby-sitting. Guess who ate a lot of her sushi?!) She made the rice added a variety of food which would normally be the filling and then had the nori strips on the side. We would just pick up a strip of nori, reach in and get a big pinch of the rice. Very easy version for those who don't need the traditional look, or are intimidated by the rolling of the sushi. (But the avocado would be icky... add it to your individual portions.)
PERFECT! I have been looking for a recipe like this. It's sooo easy! Thank You so much! Give yourself a pat on the back! Thank you thank you <3. I loveee the california roll and the "Spring roll" the smell and taste is truly orgasmic :D
dont really need to use sushi rice. any rice that is medium grain or shorter will work. im a sushi chef and i know from experience nobody uses actual sushi rice. its not efficient to use a sushi rice and other rices for the rest of the restaurant. also ive used medium grain rice straight out of the cooker without adding vinegar because of time constraints.
<strong>Shame on you!</strong> When I consider your statement, &quot;I'm a sushi chef...&quot; <br/><br/>Please don't skip using Japanese rice vinegar (sushi su) when making sushi since it is an integral part of the recipe, as well as, it slows down bacterial growth on the rice.<br/>
It is very very important to make sure that the water that comes out once you've rinsed it repeatedly is clear. If you're cooking on the stove, you can prevent burning easily. Get a REALLY large pot, and fill it about half way with boiling water, put it on the stove until it begins to boil rapidly. Then pour your rice in. There should be about 1-2cm of water between the rice and the top of the water. Keep stirring every few minutes, and then when it's al dente, take it off the flame and put a lid over it for about 10 minutes. Rinse it out thoroughly, like really thoroughly.
The best rice is actually Sushi rice, and save yourself the time and the stench by getting Sushi Vinegar. Seriously it smells.
lol i allways see that kind of hot sause in the restaraunts and me and my god brothers put it in eatch others soda wen we go for food lol and i also see it at the asian markets lol its good taisting tho
MMMMMM Sushi. I love that little device that rolls the rice and insides up. I see it all the time at restaurants and supermarkets.
my aunt has one, but she just uses it as a place mat of sorts for the flower vase on the dinner table 8-)
lol, i was at the mall and bought some sushi just today for lunch but its still making me want some!i think my mum bought some sushi stuff the other day....hmmm
Dang it ! I wanted to be the first one to make an instructable about sushi! :~( Well , at least I know a few more recipies. BTW- Nice instructable , looks good !
mmmm! Looks tasty. Gotta have the wasabi and ginger tho. I could eat just wasabi, ginger and sriachi.
Looks tasty, easy and cheap. I will definitely be trying this! Thanks for describing the simple process! Is the vinegar/sugar/salt necessary? I've never noticed any of those flavors on the sushi I've bought, which doesn't mean it's not there - perhaps it's just what I consider "normal" flavor when eating it.
yeah the vinegar dressing is what gives the rice its stickiness. it is not a very strong flavor, and when you make sushi whith it you cant even really taste it at all.
Looks great! Now you've got me craving again.

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