really simple to do.
these can be as simple or as intricate as you like. a great use for freebee mousemats

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. mousemat (vinal and foam type)
2. scalpel/exact knife
3. pen
4. paper (or sticky labels, or even posible to use masking tape)
5. spray glue (not needed if you use one of the pre-glued options)
6. paint
Awesome, sweet, fantastic! This idea is so awesome. I have some old and ugly mousepads. The mousepads you use are kinda out dated because lasers are now the hitch. I wonder if I can obtain them at thrift stores.. :D
Um....I dont really get it. are you using layers of paper or what?
i printed with a foam shape onto a piece of paper im not quite sure which bit you are unsure of so sorry i cant be clearer.
Definitely one to pass on to our Head of Art.
Precut foamies work well too.

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