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this is to teach one how to make popcorn at techshop in sf. sometimes the machine is empty and you might feel the need to make some popcorn.

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first orient yourself to the front of the machine and open the door very careful not to get grease on your hands.  perhaps open the door with a napkin. napkins will be just to the left of  the machine.

Step 2:

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next, you will find the packages of popcorn in the cupboard above the machine. take one out.

Step 3:

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open the oil part of the package first. put oil into the popping pot as shown. after oil, open the popcorn kernels side of package and pour them in.

Step 4:

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after popcorn is all popped( you can tell by the sound of no more kernels popping), turn the pot upside down and let the popcorn fall to the bottom of machine. at this point turn off the left button of the buttons shown on the picture. leave the right button in on position....and now you can say,"I made it at TechShop." The most important thing is to be next to the machine for the whole process as it would not be good to burn the popcorn.


mercurywaters (author)2013-03-25

lol ... I love this one!

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