Make Quick Use Flare for Self Defense





Introduction: Make Quick Use Flare for Self Defense

This shows you how to make a flare that can be used to scare away
people or animals...
just throw towards dangers way within 3 seconds

i always have one with me whenever i go out in case there are stray dogs

Step 1: Materials

this instructable ,as what i always like, utilizes sparklers
those metal powder on a stick thing
what you need are,
1 a metal encased marker,
2 six sparklers,
3 paper,
4 scissors,
5 straw
6 aluminium foil
7 optional, lolly sticks

Step 2: Preperation

get your sparklers,
remove any paper or stuff outside that wraps it,
get your paper and fold it into a bowl
now to remove the powder, use the scissors to scrape off the powder onto the bowl
repeat until all five are done.

Step 3: Filling

get your marker and remove the tip and cover
get lolly sticks and line up on the side of the marker
hold in place with sparkler wires
now pull out the ink felt that is inside
put a straw in the middle
pour the gunpowder inside the marker outside the straw...
if you want a bang, fill half only
later i will show you how to make the bang

Step 4: Fuse

get matches or use another sparkler and stick down the straw.
pull out the straw... put aluminium foil around the rim. ensure it doesn't cover the top of the sparkler and it is tight

Step 5: Light It Up

here is where the fun starts. around the point where the foil touches the sparkler, widen that hole and light the sparkler with a lighter
after it starts to burn into the foil, close the hole(optional)
and lob to dangers way with hole pointing there and wait till it fizzles then run or watch some fur( dog, bear, human,) get singed.

Step 6: The Bang

if you want a bang, pour the powder in and compress... get a cork, make a hole in it, and push a sparkler through.
stick the cork in the marker and put lots o foil around the rim.
light it and since there is half full, you have time to (optional: pull out sparkler) wrap the load of foil around the hole pressure will buid up and fire the cork or the sparkler or both out. a airmailed this to my pen pal and he went hunting.
he was detained after police found a rabbit with fur all burnt, hole with a sparkler stuck in it and obviously dead.
he cried that night
i won't be able to use this on a bear as in singapore we don't have bears except in the zoo.
now don't you go kill bobby bear at that zoo of yours...
have fun



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    So illegal in so many ways and useless for self defense nor is it safe for the handler. Please remove the post or retitle and describe it as fireworks.

    You carry one of these around, just in case you run into stray dogs? I'd be more concerned with a zombie attack. I suggest you start working on your pocket sized napalm flame thrower.

    i know a way of doing just that.
    take an aerosol which has a tube attached to the nozzle such as hit (cockroach killer) and attach a small metal cap under neath. to use spray hit into the cap and attach it to the end of the tube then light the hit. now just spray to throw flame. i also have a method of throwing fire balls but that is in proto type stage.
    i can't throw one with our burning my hand.

    Just fiddle with your lighter's whell...


     heh... what good is that?


    my country has laws you know... we can't have dangerous items and materials for making other dangerous items and materials shipped here... it'll be detained... so will i i think

    Haha.. Funny thing about my country. Anyone can buy a gun, but little contraptions like this can get you arrested if people take it as a threat.

    Well, not exactly ANYONE can buy a gun. When I was a gun dealer they'd close you down if you got caught NOT checking age & identity with multiple IDs & filling out long forms ... plus calling the state cops on each sale for criminal records check, etc. Now, finally, they have started doing a "nut check. Most dealers would refuse a sale just if they didn't like the looks or attitude of the guy anyhow, but this should catch most of the flakes who can act normal most of the time. Also, keep in mind that firearms actually have a legitimate purpose, as opposed to something that only burns or explodes just for entertainment. In the US you can actually make things like this, and other things that actually explode -- you just need Federal and State licenses, even to buy many of the materials, to keep kids and inexperienced people from blowing themselves (and others) to bits. I belong to a fireworks club that actually does this -- of course many in the group are professional pyrotechnicians and manufacturers, but anyone can join. Even professionals have accidents. One fellow in Maryland, a retired fire inspector and long-time pyrotechnician, blew himself and his house to pieces a few years ago, making fireworks. And he had been doing this for 40 years. It only takes one little mistake. However, when I was a kid I built stuff far more dangerous than this, and managed to survive (and not get caught). Some of us are lucky. My friend Steve went through life without a thumb -- just something they grafted on, without bones. It looked like pink Jell-o. That kept me careful.

    Entertainment is a legitimate purpose. " liberty and the pursuit of happiness..."