Introduction: Solder Dispneser

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In this instructable, you will learn how to me a solder pen. While soldering, lead gets heated and burns our hands. So I made this solder pen to get rid of the burns.

Step 1: Tools Required

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BOM (bill of materials):
ball point pen
gel pen

Step 2: Step 1

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Take ball point pen and remove its refill. you can even use small stick thinner than gel pen's refill.

Step 3: Step 2

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Take some solder and wind it around ball pen's refill or stick.

Step 4: Step 3

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Open gel pen and insert spring

Step 5: Step 4

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carefully remove solder off the refill and insert it in gel pen

Step 6: Step 5

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Insert solder in cap and screw the cap.

Step 7: Done!!!

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Solder pen is ready for you to use.


electrofrk (author)2015-02-27

I kinda dont get how the solder will get heated and extended at the open end when the tip is all melted up. please explain.

silentbogo (author)electrofrk2015-03-05

In reality it's even more than 2 cm. I usually pull around 5cm out of my tube to get more space for maneuvers, which is why solder doesn't get hot enough to melt the pen tip(nozzle).

yhdesai (author)electrofrk2015-02-27

you have to remove 2 cm and melt only 1.8 cm so that you can pull it by 0.2cm
measurement can be changed

Strydon (author)2014-12-18

Hmm this gives me an idea how about modding a mechanical pencil to eject the lead when we press the plunger ?

yhdesai (author)Strydon2014-12-18

Excellent idea. Will giveit a try

coolblaze2019 (author)2014-12-18

Yay i used to have one of these just store bought and couldn't find refills now I can make my own

yhdesai (author)coolblaze20192014-12-18

I am happy that someone benifits from my instructable

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