Make and bind the ~perfect~ notebook from scratch

Picture of make and bind the ~perfect~ notebook from scratch

here we're gonna try to bind a notebook with stuff you already have at home. seriously, the most "special" materials you'll need are the canvas and some beeswax (and even that's optional)

but before anything else, what the hell is my definition of the perfect notebook? for me,

- the pages should open up flat, like a moleskine notebook

- the cover should be very stiff, so i can write on it even if it's propped on my lap

- the cover should be highly customizable

- the pages should be big and wide, with no lines because i draw a lot

- it should be thick enough to contain a whole semester's worth of drawings and notes

- sturdy with no fraying on the corners of the cover

- preferably with pockets

so that's what we're gonna ~try~ and make today

i started binding my own notebooks about 4 years ago and i've made (roughly) one for every semester in college. including the two i just made this month, i've done this about 9 times with varying degrees of success. here's a picture of marks 1 - 7 (i'm pretty sure i have 2 more but they're missing!)

the notebook you'll see being constructed is for my friend. (to her: HAY GURL HAYYY)

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amicque9 months ago
wow you did a fantastic job showing how to do it. I am a follow the pictures kinda gal. thank you!
cammers9 months ago

Very nice work on both the note book and the instructable. Well done.

halfsack9 months ago

ive bound books with waxed dental floss before. it basically does the same thing the beeswax does, plus its synthetic so you can melt knots into it instead of having to tie them. also smells minty for a few days. only downside is its a tad thicker than sewing thread, feels more like upholstery thread.

emtsevilla (author)  halfsack9 months ago

oooh, that's a nice idea. that would probably work really well if you're binding vellum or something to match the thickness of the thread :))

Prestonium9 months ago
Do you think Rubber Cement would be a good substitution for the white glue, to keep the paper from soaking up moisture?
emtsevilla (author)  Prestonium9 months ago
i haven't tried that before, actually (boooo!) what's it like when it's dry? if it isn'y crispy or bulky or too rubbery i guess it could work really well
craftclarity9 months ago

The only way to make it perfect is to make something you really like. Nice work. Thanks for sharing your process!!!