Make Your Own Friends





Introduction: Make Your Own Friends

About: Hi, my name is SQuiD people actually call me that in real life (but its just a nickname). People se me as strange and weird (rather be strange and weird than normal right?) I enjoy making things and showing ...

No friends!?! No problem!!

Step 1: Name

I chose Winston.

Step 2: Jaw

A wiggley tongue and a person hanging out.

Step 3: Skull

Now just plop his head on top.

Step 4: Admire

Step 5: Make Him SIR Winston

Add hat, horns, rat tail and much more

Step 6: SIR Winston and Winstini

The two love birds in the brain room.

Step 7: A BIG THANKS From Sir Winston

For watching him thriugh the instructable while he was sleeping.



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    chek out my other instructibles if you find this: #love4winston copy it give me a fave and spam w/ #love4winston (if u wuv im)

    my dog

    my hat

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    This makes me sad and laugh. 10/10 for humor abilities, keep it up!