Introduction: Make Your Own NIGHT VISION GOGGLES!

Always dreamt of buying night vision goggles or making some well you are soon going to come to terms with it
basically as the name suggest it allows you to watch objets in pitch darknessNight vision is the ability to see in low light conditions. Whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: sufficient spectral range, and sufficient intensity range. Humans have poor night vision compared to many animals

well dont you want how it happens?
what we have on one eyepiece is  a red theatrical sheet over which 2blue theatrical sheets are kept .the main heart of this thing are infrared leds 

you know what the best part is ? I show you 3 different ways to make it

Step 1: Materials You Need

# red and blue theatrical sheets
# infrared leds 4 to 5
# cheap glasses 
# coin cell or button cell get 6volts at least max 9volts 
# switch 

*clear transparent sheet
*blue and red permanent marker
*infrared leds 
*cheap glasses 
*and coin cell along with a switch


@ 2 3d goggles
@infrared leds
@coin cells and switch

Step 2: Method 1

get your glasses and cut the shape of the lenses on the red and blue sheets
remember there must be 1 red and 2 blue sheets for a single eyepiece
put the lenses back on to the goggles 
now glue the led cluster on the top of the goggles te led can be attached in parrallel or seris as you want connect it to the battery via a switch done 

check it out in darkness 

Step 3: METHOD 2

get your glasses and trace the shape of the lenses on the clear sheets there must be 6 in all. for one eyepiece there must be one red and two blue pieces  to get these pieces color the red and blue accordingly using the red and blue permanent markers now glue one red and two blue on a single lenses glue the led cluster and connect it to the battery via a switch 

you are done !!!!!!!!
test them out

Step 4: METHOD 3

GET your 3d goggles and superimpose them in such a way such that on one eyepiece red and blue films come together
glue the goggles together accordingly 
glue the led cluster on the top 
connect it to the battery via the switch 

yoo hoo all the methods are done now test it out for yourself and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how does this thing work ?
this isint my vieo exactly but i just took  it because it had loads of information so thank you very much whos ever it is



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    what about using 3mm perspex for the blue and red, will that work?

    i was Wondering has anyone tried make glass with IR Camera Lenses instead Gel Sheets?

    thank you very much

    Good job,but just to make sure Im right,theyll be one red and one blue on each lens.Couldnt I also use a remote to illuminate where Id like to see.

    did your 1R, 1B works?. i did the 1 R, 2B and does not work

    As I remember I could not get it to work either,but I have goggles with the right eye lit up,well a mono that goes on the head..

    used gel sheet does not work. ?

    did it and does not work. why?

    do all of these methods work. i am making a pair for camping and early morning duck hunting

    Hey so I made this using method 2 for a school project. And I was trying to see if it worked using remote controls just to try and see it in the dark and it didn't workout. Do I need multiple LEDs so it is bright enough or whatever to see? So I am wondering what I may have done wrong, like the plastic sheets I used a laminated like thing you put in binders to protect paper... was there a specific sheet I should have used maybe? Please help, I don't know what to do at this point. You guys may find it interesting to know that it did however block out almost all of the lights coming out of cable boxes, except random ones on the side of it. Thanks!

    hey im doing this for my science project and was wondering what one would be the best easiest and cheapest thanks.

    1 reply

    i think mitch ... 3rd method is chearest but 2nd is best than others.

    the lens of the 3d glasses

    could use cling film then it would stick by itself.

    Online, Radioshack, your local electronic store, etc.

    please rate and vote for me in the led contest