Picture of make your own Peddoekie in 11 steps
Using a kerchief, tea-towel or vintage cloth, you can coate a plastic valve with jeans and finish it with bias tape or lace. Knotting the cloth in different ways for different styles!
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Step 1: Making the inner valve and pattern

Picture of making the inner valve and pattern
Use an old cap as pattern for the valve and cut it out of a piece of plastic, a lit of a plastic bucket will do perfectly. Then copy the valve twice on the wrong site of the fabric with tailor"s chalk and cut it with 1 cm seam allowance.
For the fabric of the valve you can use old jeans or use a piece of your tea-towel, vintage cloth or kerchief.

Step 2: Sew the fabric valve

Picture of sew the fabric valve
Put the parts together and sew the outer seam over the chalkline.

Step 3: Cut triangles in hem

Picture of cut triangles in hem
Cut out triangles in the hem; do not cut in the seam itself!

Step 4: Turning the valve in side out

Picture of turning the valve in side out
Turn the fabric valve in side out and push the plastic valve in it, correctly under the hem.
This will be a tricky job, but if you don't do this neatly, it will look lumpy on the outside

Step 5: Pinning & stitching the valve

Picture of pinning & stitching the valve
Hold the plastic valve in place by sticking pins in the inner hem and stitch it

Step 6: The cloth

Picture of the cloth
Now take a kerchief, tea-towel or vintage cloth and cut it in half so you get 2 triangular pieces. For a peddoekie use one piece, if you like the valve of the same material use the other half!

Step 7: Attaching the valve to the cloth

Picture of attaching the valve to the cloth
9.naad komt bovenop.JPG
Attach the fabric valve to the long side of the cloth with pins against the wrong side of the fabric. Stitch over the present seam of the valve

Step 8: Unfinished hem is up

Picture of unfinished hem is up
After you have stitched the valve correctly on the cloth, the unfinished hem will be on the upper (right) side!

Step 9: Finisching it off with ribbon

Picture of finisching it off with ribbon
Finish the hem of with trim, ribbon or lace,
Stich 1cm out of the hem on the wrong side of the fabric, over the seam of the valve and so on to the end of the cloth.

Step 10: Almost ready

Picture of almost ready
Fold the hem with the trim to the right side and finish it of by stitching; the unfinished hem of the valve will disappear under the trim or lace.
Easy way: use bias tape, pin it and stith it around the hem!

Step 11: Tips

Picture of Tips
Attach a piece of elastic on the valve for more wearing comfort!
And, you can form the valve by heating with an iron, be careful not to let it melt together! When it becomes a little bit floppy, you bent it in the required form and cool it of by waving with it!
kofykat3 years ago
I've seen some of these before. they look rather frumpy, but your's looks quite cute. Love the colour combo.
Pepavana (author)  kofykat3 years ago
That is the fun part, to combine the way you like it!