Step 4: And the thread goes through it

Picture of and the thread goes through it
Yes, this part is quite tricky so take your time and patience!

Now that you have the needle in, slowly run the thread from one side of the hole on the awl's handle to the other side.  It took me several tries and reusing the drill to define the whole a bit more before I got the thread through.  However, it is possible and the satisfaction of making your own tools is quite priceless.

So carry on!  You are almost done!

Once you have the thread through (or before), file some groves on the sides of the handle to anchor and run the thread.  I did not think of making this grooves until after I did my victory dance for running the thread through the hole and that is why the photo of the grooves is on this page.

Now make a couple of knots with the ends of the thread tight and close to the handle.  This will keep the thread in place while you wind the length of thread around the handle.

NOTE:  Pull on the needle before you wind all of the thread around the handle to make sure that the needle is in deed being held in place by the thread.  

The length of thread depends on the width of the handle.  I would say that I used approximately two feet of thread.

When you are getting to the end of your thread, tuck the end of thread under the winding part of the thread so to tie it up.  Do the same another two times and cut off the end.

At this point, test the needle again!  Pull on it to make sure that it stays in place.  If it is set and does stay in place, get some glue on one of your fingers and run it over the thread.  Make sure that you get glue on all of the thread and set it to dry for at least a couple of hours.